Update Google Nexus 10 to Unofficial CM11 KitKat 4.4 custom ROM

If you woke up one day and wanted to update your Google Nexus 10 to KitKat 4.4 but didn’t manage to find a guide on how to do that, here’s a solution to your issue. Our tutorial concentrates precisely on your tablet!

We are doing that with Unofficial CM11 Android 4.4 custom ROM, a tool which is exactly what you need to fully enjoy your gadget and all its actual potential that has stayed hidden till now. So if you wish to unleash the true greatness of your Google Nexus 10, we recommend you to take a peek at today’s steps.

Via them, your tablet is going to enjoy new features as well as fresh apps, a longer-performing battery, a better overall performance and so much more. With today’s firmware, you will quickly discover new custom ROMs that belong on this particular tablet. But first, we ask you to consider some pre-requisites that we will unveil shortly.


As promised, here are the requirements:

  • root the gadget via this tutorial;
  • look for TWRP or CWM to flash on your tablet;
  • use a factory unlocked Google Nexus 10;
  • download the (file name: cm-11-20131107-UNOFFICIAL-manta.zip) and then Gapps from (file name: pa_gapps-full-4.4-20131107-signed.zip) on your laptop (or personal computer);
  • turn on USB Debugging (which is available once you access “Developer Options” on your tablet;
  • create backups (both the normal type and a full NANDroid one, from this guide);
  • be sure to fully charge the battery of your tablet.google-nexus-10


After the pre-requisites are dealt with, you can finally find out how to upgrade your device to the new version of Android OS.

  1. To begin with, we ask you to have your tablet plugged to your laptop or PC. Once a successful connection is established, you should move the files you just downloaded to the SD card of your Google Nexus 10, then, once you witness the end of the transfer, you need to do this: unplug the tablet from the notebook. After you are done with these important actions, you can move on to others.
  2. Such as this: after you turn your gadget off, you need to enter it in Recovery Mode. If a full NANDroid backup has not yet been created, you can do so now. So, if TWRP is installed on your tablet, you should press “Backup”, give another name to the file and then confirm. If, however, CWM is the custom recovery running on the gadget, you should choose Backup & Restore and then make sure you save the file on the tablet’s internal storage.
  3. The next task you have to learn how to do: Factory Reset. To do that if the tablet uses the CWM, you need to choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data; now confirm. To apply the Factory Reset on a gadget which has the TWRP, it’s best to tap “Wipe” and do a swipe next.
  4. The time is now ripe to install the new CM11 KitKat 4.4 custom ROM. To flash it on your tablet if the latter uses TWRP, you need to do this: after you press “Install“, you should look for the update file and confirm its installation by performing a swipe. But in case the CWM is flashed on your tablet: after you opt for Install zip from SD card, make sure you select Choose zip from SD card, locate the upgrade file and confirm.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now be sure to land the Gapps by redoing the actions that landed the other file on your Nexus 10. Go back to the recovery screen after that and restart the tablet in Normal Mode.
  6. The first boot may need over 10 or 15 minutes to be over; in such a situation you can redo the guide until everything is alright. But if no problem of this type appears, you need to wait for a home screen to emerge after the booting ends; then open your Gmail, enter your details there and enjoy your updated tablet. The new ROM may be erased if you dislike it. Like this: make good use of the NANDroid backup file we recommended you to create.

Once everything is in order, enjoy the Google Nexus 10 in all its updated glory!