Root and install TWRP Recovery on HTC Amaze 4G

After concentrating more on smartphones made by Samsung, let’s see how to root and install TWRP Recovery on another device.

For this guide we chose HTC’s Amaze 4G, a phone with plenty of positive reviews so far. Since it’s running the Android 4.0 ICS, a special method had to be used. And this method came from a talented developer.


For a tutorial and the steps included in it to bring the wanted result, a gadget needs to take care of respecting some requirements. In the case of this smartphone, they are made of the following rules: first there needs to be the latest version of a file called on your phone, then you have to make sure the handset works with the both versions of Android: Gingerbread and ICS one and afterwards you must check if your phone comes has the bootloader already unlocked.HTC-Amaze-4G

When all of the pre-requisites above are checked, you can proceed to the rooting of the HTC Amaze 4G.

How to root HTC Amaze 4G

  1. The tutorial starts with the following step: unzip the Amaze_All-In-One_Kit_V3.2.rar archive to a dedicated directory, on your computer. Then, from this file, look for one called Amaze 3.2.exe. Did you find it? Good, now run it.
  2. Step number 2: if the device has not installed the appropriate USB drivers, do as follows: choose Install HTC Drivers, then tap the option named Go.
  3. For the third step you have to wait until the installation process is finished, then activate the USB Debugging option. For that you must access the Settings, then Developer Options, then select the USB Debugging option.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 4: perform a connection between the PC and the smartphone. Now, if the phone has the bootloader locked, you must unlock it. For that you must follow the instructions which are coming with the Hasoon2000 AIO Kit. Now, access the Extras option, then select the Perm Root, then, finally choose the Run option. The application will move the archive from the PC to the internal phone’s memory card. It will then restart it to recovery mode.
  5. Step 5 goes like this: select the installation of the ZIP archive from the SD card, when the phone is in the recovery mode, then choose the SuperSU archive on the internal phone’s memory.
  6. The sixth step asks you to flash the SuperSU archive when you spot it, then choose Back.
  7. For step number 7 you need to restart the rooted device. The phone is now ready to begin flashing the Custom Recovery.

How to flash custom recovery

  1. Step 1 of this procedure requires you to perform a connection between the PC and the smartphone. The laptop must have the USB Debugging activated. Now opt for TWRP 2.1.0 (look under the Recovery menu).
  2. Step 2: tap on Flash Recovery, then you’ll see a bunch of instructions on the display. These need to be followed accordingly.
  3. Step number 3 advises you to wait until the phone is restarting. Once it does that, the HTC Amaze 4G will finally feature the TWRP Recovery.