How to Overclock the CPU speed of the HTC One M7

Should it feel like your HTC One M7 is getting too slow these days, then you’d better learn how to properly overclock it to change that. Overclocking a device is basically improving the clock speed of its CPU.

The tool we have for this guide is an modified kernel created by a developer over at XDA Developers forum. This instrument is also meant to bring customization features and other options such as: temperature control, voltage control, a GPU overclocked at 450MHz and so on.


Whenever there’s talk of overclocking a smartphone, there’s also talk of pre-requisites. Your HTC One M7 needs the following: a rooted nature (and you need to get a custom recovery image on this model afterwards), a fully charged battery unit, its USB Debugging turned on, a backup and USB drivers for it flashed on your laptop.

Backup instructions

Once the requirements are read over once, you can start the steps that will help make a backup.

  1. You may begin with the following instructions: flash an app called Quick Boot on your HTC One M7, then go to your handset’s App drawer and open the .
  2. Tap on an option listed as Recovery.
  3. Wait for the smartphone to slowly reboot into Recovery Mode, then opt for these: Backup&Restore and then for Backup.
  4. Make a backup that will need to contain the files on your handset.
  5. Save this backup on your phone.HTC-One

Below we will show you how to overclock the necessary kernel on your smartphone.

How to flash the kernel

  1. For starters, download on your PC (file name: that is created for your particular phone model, then plug the HTC One M7 to it (the phone’s USB cord should be employed here).
  2. Copy, next up, the overclock kernel archive to the handset’s SD card and unplug, after that, the smartphone from your laptop.
  3. Then launch the Quick Boot app by going to your handset’s App drawer and afterwards tap Recovery. After the smartphone is rebooted into Recovery Mode, you should choose Install zip from SD card and then opt for Choose zip from SD card.
  4. Go to the kernel zip that’s on the phone’s SD card and then choose it. Confirm the flashing of the zip after that and then wait for the process to be finally over after a couple of minutes’ wait.
  5. Reboot the HTC One M7 once the zip is on it.

How to overclock the smartphone

Here is how to overclock your device.

  1. Commence the tutorial by doing as follows: download, on your handset, and then .
  2. Launch your device’s App drawer; then modify the frequency speed of the phone’s processor via the options that are in the app we aforementioned. Be careful not to opt for Save on boot; if you do this, your handset will crash on you.
  3. Keep increasing the clock speed of the CPU, then stop as soon as the HTC One can stand a certain speed.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Then close the app when done and be sure to check if the device is clocked or not. If it is, good for you! If not, repeat the guide.

NOTE: If you want to go back to the phone’s Stock kernel, you should first open the Quick Boot app, then tap Recovery and reboot the One M7 into the Recovery Mode.

Your next moves are the following: choose Backup & Restore, opt for Restore, have some patience and then reboot your smartphone. After the latter is rebooted, you will see it running on the appropriate default kernel.

  • Wushan

    I’m using revolution HD 51.0 on my device so… this over clocking process will change my ROM??? Or can I overclock my device with the already installed custom ROM?