How to Root LG Optimus Chat C550

Allow your LG Optimus Chat C550 to experience root access and the phone will become so much better for it. If you think this is the procedure you’ve always needed, then go right in and get it for your phone!

As with every procedure ever created to enhance your smartphone, the one today delivers the greatest additions for it. Root access is something that your LG Optimus Chat C550 can only receive through a dedicated tool. In this case, SRSRoot. With the help of this application, the handset will have things that it never had before.

Before we get to all of them, you can find out more about the SRSRoot app. What you need to know about this app is that it is powered by an SRS Server. Not only that, but it also supports many brands and Android versions. It is also able to function with a lot of Build IDs. As an unrooting method, this tool works equally well. When rooting or unrooting the device, this app is 100% free of any download cost.

The benefits of this procedure

The rooting of your phone by us was made via this Build ID: FRG83G. The smartphone you’re using now sports Android 2.2.2 Froyo and it came out in 2011. The processor it features may deliver low speeds. The rooting will make sure that this changes; in the end, the phone will deliver a superior performance. Battery life will certainly get better, too.

If you are after novelties, you’ll get them as soon as the SRSRoot arrives on your handset. You’ll have new features and root-only apps as soon as possible. Then you will get the chance to play with custom ROMs and customization options. Also, prepare for root-only apps and battery options. The smartphone will soon deal with admin and superuser permission.LG-Optimus-Chat-C550

The SRSRoot you’ll use on your phone won’t be able to bring unwanted programs. The rooting will also not affect the handset security-wise.

If you’re going to get root access on your smartphone, you will lose its warranty. When the rooted device gains an upgrade, the device’s system partition will be deleted. Also, its root access will end up revoked. The update cannot erase important data or this: the internal / external SD cards.


There’s only one thing you have to do before you have root access. And that is to perform these requirements:

  • you need to protect the phone’s data by performing some backups;
  • a full NANDroid backup is required, too;
  • your laptop should have appropriate USB drivers for the phone flashed on it from this address;
  • your LG Optimus Chat C550 will need to run with a fully charged battery;
  • your laptop’s operating system should be the Windows one;
  • be sure to open, on your handset, the security programs there and then turn them off;
  • open the same security programs, this time the ones installed on the notebook, and then disable them.

Step by step instructions

  1. You should begin the rooting with the download of this software on your notebook: the SRSRoot. Find this file on this page.
  2. After you access this address, click on the page’s download button. When you’re done, open the app on your notebook; but first, install it there.
  3. Next task to be performed: activate Unknown Sources. The location of this option isn’t difficult to get to. You have to open, on the LG C550, the Menu option, then the Settings one.
  4. Under Settings you will spot the Unknown Sources. After you tick it, turn this other option on: USB Debugging. You may have enabled it already; if you did, then simply provide a plugging between the phone and notebook.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Do this with the help of your smartphone’s USB cable. The connection once performed, you have to root your LG Optimus Chat C550. Tapping Root Device (All Methods) will help with this.
  6. The rooting of your smartphone will end in about 15 minutes. Try repeating the previous steps when the rooting does not achieve its purpose.
  7. When it does, though, there’s only one thing left to do: restart the device. You are free to do this afterwards: try to use the novelties given by the rooting.

If you don’t find them enjoyable, you need to get rif of the root access. For this to fully work, you need to use this app once again.

If somewhere along the way there were issues with the steps, be sure to use the comment field. Leave your questions there!