How to perform a NANDroid backup without restarting into Recovery Mode

Up until a user on the XDA Developers forum came up with a novel way to install a custom ROM, we must enter in the Recovery Mode and to perform a NANDroid backup. Thanks to this guy, we will finally be able to stop doing that from now on no matter our smartphone. The latter only needs to run an Android operating system and be rooted.

Based on the solution he created, you can backup the following directories: /appslog,/recovery, /boot,/wimax,/cache, /system,/ data,/ datadata,/ efs,.android_secure, .cust_backup(just for the Huawei gadgets) and /sd-ext folders to /clockworkmod/sdcard/backup


Your phone needs to follow certain requirements. Which aren’t hard to follow. First of all, take a look at the phones . If you find your model on it, then download the correct files for the phone you have. Your device has to be backed up, then you need to have available the , the , to and, lastly, install ClockworkMod (if it isn’t already pre-installed).nandroid-backup

Online installation of the NANDroid Backup

  1. In order to install the above mentioned Online Nandroid Backup, you first have to download the Online Nandroid Backup installation archive into the internal memory card of your smartphone; you should also download the support archive file that the phone comes with. Then switch the gadget off.
  2. Step number 2 should be all about restarting the device into into ClockworkMod Recovery mode. After that you must selecting the installation of the Zip archive from the internal memory card.
  3. Once this step finished, step 3 is the selection of the archive file, already copied on the memory card.
  4. Then comes the fourth step, which says the following: opt for the Online Nandroid ZIP file and then choose Go back.
  5. The last step instructs you to choose Reboot system now.

How to use the Online Nandroid Backup

  1. Here is what you have to do to actually start using the Online Nandroid Backup: open the ,
  2. Then you have to access the root user and you must insert the su instruction in the command prompt.
  3. If you want to create a backup, enter either one of these instructions: onandroid, onandroid -p, onandroid -u, or onandroid custom_folder.

The first command is for when you wish to make a NANDroid backup using the default settings. Use the second command if you want to employ the default timezone on your phone as the backup’s file name.

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The third command is used if the user needs to use the UTC time format in the name of the backup file. Finally, the fourth command is for when you want to change the default name of the file with a custom folder, used as the backup location. If you choose this option, you must replace the custom_folder with the folder_name.

Mkyaffs2image error problem

When we used Online Nandroid Backup, we came across an error called mkyaffs2image not found in path. We suggest you . After you’ve grabbed it, copy it to the SD card. Then install it like this: turn the phone off, restart the phone and choose the ClockWorkMod Recovery option. The next step is to select the installation of the archive from memory card, then Choose ZIP from SD card and opt for Online Nandroid ZIP file, choose Go back and restart the entire system.

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