Root and install ClockworkMod Recovery on Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

When Samsung created their Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch, they pre-installed it with the Android 4.0 ICS OS. They didn’t say anything about a Jelly Bean update somewhere in the future. So here we are, telling you how to root it and then install ClockworkMod Recovery.

The following requirements should be taken care of first: activate the USB debugging option, fully charge the Sprint phone, turn off all security programs found on both your phone and your laptop and then create a backup.

To be able to root the device, you also need to download a couple of files: or and . To install the ClockworkMod Recovery you have to download a file called .Galaxy-S-II-Epic-4G-Touch

How to root the phone

The rooting of the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (Sprint version) goes something like this.

  1. Step 1: execute the SPH-D710 executable file. Then you need to unzip the file to a dedicated folder. Next, execute the SPH-D710.FF18 executable file from that directory.
  2. For step 2 you are told to switch the handset off.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the third step you are required to do as follows: restart and enter in Odin mode (for this you need to select at the same time the Power and Volume Down buttons).
  4. Step 4: when you see a alert on the display, you must select the Volume Up button.
  5. Step 5 asks you to to perform a connection between the phone and your laptop with the help of the phone’s USB cord. The Odin interface must be open when you perform the connection. This will make the Odin interface turn yellow: the handset is now connected to the comp and you can move on to step 6.
  6. Which needs the user to select the PDA key when you are in Odin interface.
  7. After this you have to, for the seventh step, select the correct file from the extraction directory. Up next: select the Start button. This will debut the flashing phase. Wait till a PASS! message appears.
  8. Step 8: the phone will now restart.

ClockworkMod Recovery installation

Which means that you can start the installation of the ClockworkMod Recovery on the Sprint Galaxy S2.

  1. The first step goes like this: perform a connection between the laptop and the smartphone using the USB cord. Once this is done, execute the e4gtauto-sfx.exe file from the extraction folder on your laptop.
  2. Step 2 asks you the following: go on the extraction folder then execute the runfirst.bat file; this means that the ClockworkMod Recovery will begin installing.
  3. Step 3: wait until the tool will appear on the desktop of your laptop.
  4. Step 4: when it does, enter D and press the Enter key. Some instructions will make themselves visible and you need to do what they say to complete the installation. And that’s all.