How to Root Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 4G SGH-T869

A more appealing Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 4G SGH-T869 can be had if you root it. One of today’s best tools is SRSRoot. We are ready to introduce its advantages and installation method. Stay tuned for more on this!

Your tablet isn’t that new. More precisely, its official launch date was 3 years ago. This, however, doesn’t stop this device from grabbing all that’s great about this application. On the contrary; the app will deliver a lot of novel things. But here’s a thing about the app: it’s actually free of charge. Not only is this tool freeware, it also provides the following: support for many different gadgets. There’s no Android version the SRSRoot cannot work with. As such, your Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SGH-T869 won’t have its Android 4.0.4 deleted after the rooting.

The benefits of this procedure

With an app such as the SRSRoot, your gadget’s about to look at these: custom ROMs. There is no shortage of new features to be experimented with. The rooting will deliver a greatly improved 1200 MHz CPU and then you’ll also have root-only apps. The app can be accounted for admin and superuser permission. Battery life is going to be better. The tablet will have the opportunity to look like you want it to thanks to various customization tweaks. This appl is the kind of tool which also unroots your device if you want that from it.Galaxy-Tab-7.0-Plus-SGH-T869

You will exprience the novelties in a virus-free environment. Also, you won’t be bothered by bloatware. The tool is powered by an SRS Server and it needs a Build ID.You aren’t restricted to the use of a certain ID. You can select the one you most like; or, if you’re a newbie, ours will work just as well: IMM76D.VLG7.

How about some negative stuff on the rooting. Once you’re done with this procedure, the Samsung SGH-T869 shall be separated from its warranty. It will be reunited with it, though. Just find a compatible guide for your device and perform it. Then there’s the fact that an upgrade messes with two things. First, the root access will be revoked; second, you won’t see the gadget’s system partition anymore. The process doesn’t leave its mark on the tablet’s important data. The update also leaves the internal / external SD cards alone. If you want those damaged parts back, better perform a tutorial on how to root your device.


Always start a rooting with the completion of these pre-requisites:

  • the USB drivers located at this address need to be downloaded on your laptop;
  • they also need to be flashed on it next;
  • your tablet’s battery should be extended via a recharging procedure (but only if it’s empty);
  • backups are always a must, so be sure to have a couple performed beforehand;
  • a full NANDroid backup has to be performed, as well;
  • the tablet’s security software needs to be disabled;
  • security programs that are on the laptop have to be turned off afterwards;
  • USB Debugging needs to be activated on the tablet;
  • the only OS your laptop should sport for a rooting is Windows.

Step by step instructions

Requirements aren’t the only things to consider. The success of today’s rooting is also dependent on steps. Discover them all below.

  1. Give it up for the first step: download, for free, the rooting app on your laptop. To do that, open this page. You will then have a download button on the screen; click on it.
  2. Next, wait until the laptop contains the SRSRoot. When it does, install it there. The same device will have to feature this app as launched on it.
  3. Done with these actions? If yes, go to Menu, tap it, then locate Settings and Unknown Sources under it; these two options have to be activated. So does this one: USB Debugging. Turn on the latter if you haven’t already enabled it.
  4. Moving on, your Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 4G SGH-T869 and laptop need to experience a connection. Plug the two to one another with your handset’s USB cable. Give this action some time, then proceed to the tablet’s actual rooting.
  5. By tapping Root Device (All Methods), you’ll begin the procedure. Waiting around 10-15 minutes will guarantee a successful procedure.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]If these minutes turn into, say, 20 minutes, you’ll be in for a problematic situation. Solve it as such: go back and redo the previous steps. You need to make sure the rooting’s truly completed. For that, we suggest tapping Reboot System Now. That way, the tablet will be ready to restart on you.
  7. As soon as the rebooting is finally done, you have a rooted Samsung SGH-T869 all to yourself. So be sure to make the most out of its new elements!

If something about this root access bothers you, the SRSRoot will solve that. And it will do so by revoking the root access. If there are issues to be faced while rooting the phone, leave your complaints in the box below.