How to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 SCH-R760

Galaxy S2 SCH-R760 is soon going to face great times. They are accounted for by a nifty little app. We’ll shed light on what the deal’s about if you follow this article!

SRSRoot plans on impressing your phone with many novelties you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Before exploring them, some words on what the app helps you with. One of the main drawing points is that the tool’s free. After you gain access to it, you’ll see that the phone’s Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread processor is one of the important specs which stays where it is. This dedicated tool offers compatibility to all the Android versions. You shouldn’t worry about the processor, either; the handset’s dual-core 1.2 GHz is going to deliver overall faster speeds.

The benefits of this procedure

The smartphone also receives apps that can only work if there’s root access on it. Once there are such root-only apps on your phone, prepare to receive these: custom ROMs. The SRSRoot is an app with plenty of new features to offer. Another useful addition is represented by these: battery optimization tools. To use this app is to be able to fully personalize the Samsung Galaxy S2 SCH-R760. These tweaks are then joined by superuser and admin permission.Galaxy-S2-SCH-R760

The fact that the SRSRoot works the same on every device ever launched brings further importance to it. If you want to use the app, you can do so without having security worries. The smartphone’s also protected from bloatware. This app is powered by an SRS Server and it requires the use of a Build ID. You can always select ours: GINGERBREAD.FF18. If this one doesn’t appeal to you, the SRSRoot comes with support for many other Build IDs to choose from. You are also offered the ability to unroot your handset with the same tool.

You are about to see some of the phone’s essential stuff revoked and deleted. The first action refers to the device’s root access; the second action affects its system partition. Each of these losses is encountered when the phone’s updated. Luckily, the upgrade isn’t enough to damage the data or internal / external SD cards on your handset.

When faced with a rooting, the smartphone will be forced to give up on its warranty. There are, thankfully, restoring methods such as special guides for your device.


Be sure to look into these easy to perform pre-requisites:

  • USB drivers which fit your smartphone must be downloaded on the laptop (they’re at this location);
  • after the completion of this download, flash them there;
  • disable, on your Galaxy SII SCH-R760, the security programs it uses;
  • charge the handset next;
  • protect the smartphone from security breaches by creating a backup;
  • also, perform a full NANDroid backup;
  • the phone should have USB Debugging enabled;
  • the security programs used by your laptop must also be disabled;
  • the only OS version on your laptop that’s agreed by this rooting is Windows.

Step by step instructions

The above have just prepared your phone and laptop for what’s to come next. You can now proceed to the steps that’ll leave the handset with root access.

  1. You have to get in touch with this action: download the SRSRoot on the laptop. Here is where to locate the app; that page comes with a download button.
  2. It’s there to be activated, so make sure you click on it. The freeware should find its way on the already mentioned product in a very short while.
  3. Once the laptop contains it, the file needs to be installed there; then it must be launched, after which you should tap Menu. Find and enable Settings next, then Unknown Sources (which is right under the Settings option).
  4. The USB Debugging option will have to be turned on. You had to do it before; if you haven’t, here’s your chance. Those who have performed this part when we discussed pre-requisites can simply perform a connection between the laptop and handset. The USB cord will work as a plugging option here.
  5. Root Device (All Methods) needs an activation; by enabling this option, you will initiate the rooting of your phone. This is a process that needs somewhere around 15 minutes.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]In case the whole procedure isn’t over in this period, what you can do is this: return to the previous steps and repeat all of them.
  7. Should the rooting go without the sort of issue described above, you need to go to Reboot System Now. Tap this option and wait until the handset restarts.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 SCH-R760 can finally let you discover the recently added novelties. If they’re something you cannot deal with, let your device use the services of the SRSRoot. That way, you’ll quickly be rid of the root access.

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