How to Root Galaxy Win Pro SM-G3819D

A quick rooting guide will work wonders on Galaxy Win Pro SM-G3819D. To be in the possession of a rooted device, you need a certain kind of method. This post has just the thing for you!

A tool such as SRSRoot is easily one of the easiest rooting instruments. Your smartphone will have the kind of benefits only this app can deliver. Your phone will have it for free. As soon as that happens, you will be in for a lot of changes. This freeware doesn’t accept only a few select products; actually, it delivers the same range of novelties for a very generous array of gadgets.

When you’re up against the SRSRoot, you can be sure of this: your phone will sport many customization options. Another given is the presence of new features and no security damage. The root access done with this app app enables you to play with superuser and admin permission. The phone’s processor type is this: 1.2 GHz. With the root access on-board, you’re about to accustom your phone to faster CPU speeds.

The benefits of this method

The Samsung SM-G3819D prides itself on its Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. And it will continue to do so; this version, like all the other ones, are compatible with the new app. The whole variety of new stuff won’t be bothered by unnecessary bloatware. Instead, you’ll get these: battery improvement and root-only apps. Finally, there are also custom ROMs to look forward to. The SRSRoot app is always available as an unrooting companion.Galaxy-Win-Pro-SM-G3819D

The new app is powered by an SRS Server. Consider a Build ID to use it with. The SRSRoot is a tool which can be used with various Build IDs. The one we set our mind on was JZO54K.G3819DKEUAML1.

You’ll face an erased system partition if you update the phone. Root access has to leave your device, too. The smartphone’s internal and external SD cards are among the few to stay safe. As is every important data on it. To get these back, look for a guide that is custom made for your smartphone.

A revoked warranty is what awaits you after rooting this device. But you can rest assured; the phone will see it again if a guide is used.


The following instructions get your Galaxy Win Pro SM-G3819D ready for the rooting:

  • the laptop has to feature USB drivers (they can be downloaded from this site);
  • the download once completed, time to install the drivers on the laptop;
  • your handset’s security programs need to be disabled;
  • a set of backups must be performed;
  • generate a full NANDroid backup;
  • he phone’s USB Debugging should be turned on;
  • your laptop’s security programs have to be turned off;
  • Windows needs to be installed on your laptop;
  • look at the battery levels of your handset and charge the latter fully if it needs that.

Step by step instructions

The next stop in our rooting efforts teaches you how to get root access. This is why we invite you to look below.

  1. Our guide’s first step prompts you to download the SRSRoot on the laptop. As always, only this site has the necessary app. After opening that website, you have to click on a download button.
  2. Next stage of our tutorial indicates this step: install the app on the laptop. Launch the file there, too, then find Unknown Sources.
  3. Locating it is a piece of cake; simply tap Menu, then Settings and take a look under this option. After tapping the option we mentioned, you can turn USB Debugging on. Move on to the next step if you enabled it before.
  4. Perform this next step by plugging the Galaxy Win Pro SM-G3819D to your laptop. This isn’t going to take long; but make sure the handset’s USB cord connects the two devices to one another.
  5. Then you have to continue to the most important part. Which is this: activate Root Device (All Methods) so that your phone starts the rooting process.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Once it enters this phase, the phone’ll require 10-15 minutes. Isn’t the procedure done? You should repeat the steps if you’re having problems. In case nothing like that affects the rooting, you need to reboot the phone for the last step. Do it by turning on Reboot System Now.
  7. A couple of minutes after doing that, your Galaxy Win Pro SM-G3819D will finally experience root access. And you’ll see what those new additions can help with.

If you completely like what the rooting’s done, you can stick to those benefits. But if you want to get back to what the phone felt like, use the SRSRoot. The app will swiftly strip the handset of the root access.

This tutorial has a comment section underneath. Never be afraid to use it in case of major trouble.