How to Root Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i

You and Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i will have plenty of fun with a new app around. Installing it will give way to all those things you’ve always wanted to see on your phone. Jump in and have fun with a rooted device!

The rooting that’ll happen today is going to help your smartphone by a lot. Especially since SRSRoot is used. The presence of this freeware on your device guarantees access to many things bound to bring improvement possibilities. Before flashing the app, you have to be aware of what’ll happen with it on your Samsung GT-S5830i if the latter’s updated. Whenever an upgrade is performed, the root access will be revoked. The handset’s system partition is also a casualty. What isn’t is the important data; added to the list of undamaged stuff is the smartphone’s internal and external SD cards.

Also, if you root your device, the warranty it comes with will be revoked. Bringing it back is only a matter of an appropriate guide.

The advantages of this procedure

Coming back to the SRSRoot: this app’s going to unroot the handset if you want it to. Compatible with many gadgets of different names, the app does not erase an OS, no matter its version. The operating system in use on your particular device is this: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. The smartphone’s CPU is an 832 MHz one; its speed is greatly improved thanks to the imminent rooting. Consider a Build ID if you want root access; here’s the one we fell back on: GINGERBREAD.XXLB2. The freeware can work with other such instruments.Galaxy-Ace-GT-S5830i

Here’s what the SRSRoot can offer, among many other things: root-only apps. The list continues with new features as well as admin / superuser permission. The new app is powered by an SRS Server and there are also battery tweaks to be had. The presence of the freeware won’t be bothered by bloatware; there are also no security problems delivered by the rooting. Instead, you’ll familiarize yourself with custom ROMs. A series of customization options are available, too.


To even consider a rooting, you have to make sure these steps are followed:

  • prepare your laptop for the download of USB drivers on it (to find them, launch this page);
  • USB Debugging should be activated on the phone;
  • you have to make a backup if you don’t want to see the handset’s data damaged;
  • you need to also operate a full NANDroid backup (which will come in handy later);
  • the Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i should have Windows on it;
  • its security software must be turned off;
  • the laptop’s security programs are also to be turned off;
  • the handset’s battery is required to be recharged in case it’s close to empty.

Step by step instructions

Now’s the time to actually start your phone’s rooting. Should you not know what steps to follow, we’re letting you know here.

  1. For the time being, do this: take the SRSRoot from here and download it on your laptop; you have a download button that’ll do that for you once you click on it. When you are done with this forst step, the second one will follow.
  2. This time around, make sure to install and open the app on the laptop.
  3. The next step looks like this: enable, on your phone, an option called Unknown Sources. In case this option’s difficult to find: tap Settings from Menu and then look under the former; there you’ll find the option that we told you to turn on just now.
  4. USB Debugging will also have to be activated if you haven’t enabled it before. If you did tap it for those pre-requisites, you’re good to move on.
  5. This is the step you need to attend to next: have the handset’s USB cable used for a connection between this device and your laptop.
  6. A procedure of this kind won’t take more than a couple of minutes. After the products are succesully plugged to one another, proceed to the rooting of your Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i.
  7. This time, make sure Root Device (All Methods) is enabled. The procedure which will soon start usually takes around 10-15 minutes to end. It is possible, however, to see yourself waiting far longer than that.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]If some of you experience that, we have this advice: redo the previous steps until the problem’s solved. In case the rooting goes as planned, then simply grab the smartphone and be sure it restarts. Help the Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i reboot by enabling this option: Reboot System Now.

Do you like what you’re experiencing with your handset now that it’s rooted? If you aren’t and you want it back to how it used to be, the SRSRoot will come to the rescue; with its help, the smartphone will lose its root access very soon.

If problems were encountered during the rooting, a comment section below will answer your questions.