How to Root Galaxy Captivate SGH-I897

When you feel that Galaxy Captivate SGH-I897 deserves something new, allow us to provide you with a rooting tool. Its name, the goodies it brings and the right way to experience it are all discussed here. So jump right in!

A gadget that is rooted with SRSRoot gets to choose from many goodies. Their purpose? To bring out the best in your smartphone. And to surprise it with loads of new stuff. You will find out all about them right now.

We’ll begin by mentioning this: a rooted Samsung Galaxy Captivate SGH-I897 means improved CPU speeds. The process inside your phone is of the 1 GHz Cortex-A8 variety. Root access also translates into no bloatware and no problems security-wise. This tool is powered by a dedicated server and it’s free to download. This app, a dedicated one, provides your handset with root-only apps. Superuser permission and new features are available, as well.

The benefits of this method

After rooting your handset, the device will sport custom ROMs. Battery tweaks as well as admin permission are delivered, too. The phone has an Android 2.2.1 Eclair; the rooting lets you enjoy this version since the SRSRoot equally supports all of Google’s OS versions. The app also offers customization options. lidroid-sgs-2.0.2b is the Build ID we used on your smartphone’s rooting. The SRSRoot thankfully accepts many other Build IDs so you can opt for the one you most like.Samsung-Captivate-I897

If your Galaxy Captivate SGH-I897 is in need of an unrooting method, the SRSRoot is glad to help.

The phone you own may require an update soon after the rooting’s completed. This will bring trouble. For one, you’ll no longer have a rooted phone. Then there’s the fact that the device will lose its system partition. You will not end up with deleted data or a damaged internal SD card. The external SD card will also be safe.

Your device’s warranty will become a thing of the past as soon as the rooting’s done. We suggest looking for a way to bring it back (there are guides on how to do it).


When you’re fully decided that a rooting is what your device needs, you’ll have to consider certain pre-requisites. The ones we planned for you today are all detailed below:

  • don’t go without installing, on your laptop, USB drivers from this specific page;
  • make sure you have a fully charged Samsung I897 before you learn how to root it;
  • always create backups to avoid losing the handset’s important data;
  • also, perform a full NANDroid backup;
  • the list of specs on your laptop has to include Windows as the device’s OS;
  • all of the phone’s security programs have to be turned off for the time being;
  • the security programs that are operating inside the laptop must be turned off, as well;
  • open the phone’s USB Debugging option;
  • activate it afterwards.

Step by step instructions

Already done with these guidelines? Then your smartphone’s waiting to be rooted!

  1. To help you with the procedure, we’re giving you the necessary steps. Starting with this one: find the SRSRoot app online and download it on the laptop.
  2. The place where you’ll need to look for the app is this one. Open that page and click on its download button. The app is going to enter the download phase in a matter of seconds. Once the process is over, you can flash it on the laptop.
  3. Launch it there, too, then enable Unknown Sources on the smartphone. You will need to do the latter after you’ve tapped Settings and found the Unknown Sources underneath it.
  4. Next action to be performed: turn on USB Debugging. You should have enabled this option earlier; so be sure to perform this step only if you didn’t remember to do it before. Another task you need to perform is this: your phone and laptop must be connected to each other.
  5. Plug them as indicated with the help of the handset’s USB cable. Allow your two devices to be intertwined, then let your phone enter this: the rooting stage.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]To begin this, Root Device (All Methods) has to be launched. So tap this option and then wait for approximately 13 minutes. Repeat the previous actions if things don’t go well (as in, you have to wait more than 13 minutes).
  7. Enter the Galaxy Captivate SGH-I897 in rebooting mode when the rooting’s completed. This action has to be performed as such: locate Reboot System Now and have it tapped.
  8. When the smartphone has finally started again, its root access will be ready to reveal all of the goodies we already touched upon above!

Remember that this application is an unrooting tool, too.

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