How to Root Galaxy Mega SGH-I527M

Looking forward to improving your Galaxy Mega SGH-I527M? The answer to your question lies with us. We have a procedure on how to root your phone. We think you might like it, so give this guide a go!

Get ready for today’s procedure by launching your laptop and keeping the phone close-by. SRSRoot is the app of choice for this rooting guide. There are many reasons behind our decision to pick it. This app not only roots a device, it also unroots it. This is the kind of app which can be used for free. An SRS Server is what powers it. To have it run on your smartphone is to enjoy its multiple goodies. Their only job is to deliver novelties for your phone and improve various aspects of its performance.Galaxy-Mega-SGH-I527M

The benefits of this method

A rooting will always need a Build ID. The SRSRoot isn’t picky about that; just choose whatever Build ID you want. We agreed upon this one: JDQ39.I527MVLUBNA3. Part of what makes the new app appealing: its compatibility with various Android OS versions. Your phone’s sporting this one: 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The device gets its speed from this CPU: dual-core 1.7 GHz. The processor will definitely deliver faster speeds. By rooting the Galaxy Mega SGH-I527M, prepare to enjoy admin and superuser permission.

The smartphone may behave poorly when it comes to battery life. That will change as soon as root access appears. When the SRSRoot makes its appearance, new features will come along with it. But the rooting will also rsult in many customization possibilities. Root-only apps and custom ROMs are part of the deal, too. With the presence of this application on your phone, you’ll avoid security problems. Unnecessary or unwanted stuff are left out altogether, too.

Problems will still exist. They concern this aspect: updating the phone while there’s root access on it. This will erase system partition and do away with root access. The internal SD card, the important data and external SD card won’t be damaged. However, rooting your Galaxy Mega SGH-I527M means no warranty. This won’t be a permanent thing. Restore the warranty with a dedicated guide.


An important part of a rooting procedure is represented by a group of pre-requisites. They are the elements that make your device ready for the whole process. Which is why we outlined them below. Here you go:

  • find, on this dedicated page, USB drivers that are needed for the phone;
  • download them on your notebook next;
  • the operating system which ships with your notebook has to be Windows;
  • a batch of standard backups will be very useful, so perform some;
  • a full NANDroid backup is also a necessity, so perform one as well;
  • disable, on the notebook, the programs that ensure its protection against security problems;
  • the programs which do that for your smartphone need to be deactivated, too;
  • activate USB Debugging on the Galaxy Mega I527M;
  • the battery that is a part of your phone has to be charged to its fullest.

Step by step instructions

One of the things you should do after the handset’s ready for the rooting is to perform some steps. Find all of them in the next batch of paragraphs.

  1. Begin by downloading the rooting app on the notebook you use. This means that you need to find the SRSRoot first. Easy: here you go. Open the page we just linked to, then look around for a button that, once clicked on, begins the app’s download.
  2. If the SRSRoot has already become one with your notebook, install it on this device.
  3. After you open it on the notebook next, begin the search of this important option: Unknown Sources. The latter will have to be enabled after you discover it under the Settings option.
  4. Have you forgotten to enable USB Debugging? If you have, you have the chance to turn it on now. When it’s all done, take your Samsung SGH-I527M and notebook and have them plugged to one another.
  5. A connection can only happen if the right tool’s used. The phone’s USB cord is that tool. As soon as it’s used, your products will establish a connection as needed.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After that, continue with the following action: enable Root Device (All Methods). The rooting will commence as soon as you’ve activated that option. Wait for around 11 minutes; if time’s up and nothing’s happened, the only way to solve things is to redo the steps.
  7. If the rooting is successful in 11 minutes, then simply restart the smartphone. Reboot System Now is going to help with that; be sure to tap it.

If you’re done, you will finally hold a rooted Galaxy Mega SGH-I527M. Have fun using it!

The SRSRoot will, as previously mentioned, also work as an unrooting option. If there are questions for us about the rooting, don’t hesitate to use the comment field below.