How to root the HTC Inspire 4G

The HTC Inspire 4G is among the best smartphones to date. However, as every other smartphone nowadays, you have to be a pro to obtain the root access on it.

The tool that facilitates this is called Advanced Ace Hack Kit. So it’s a whole package to use. What you need to know beforehand is that this helper will make sound disappear, because it is a tool which downgrades this particular model to the default Desire HD ROM.

The Advanced Ace Hack Kit comes with the following:

  • much smaller download;
  • S-Off;
  • carrier SIM and Super CIM unlock;
  • much smaller firmware flash to obtain the exploit;
  • WWE CID HTC__001;
  • Correct Radio is restored at the HSPA+ operation;
  • ROM is fully functional;
  • No ROM downgrade required (only radio/kernel);
  • ROM Manager and ClockworkMod included;
  • Telus.

If you plan on using the Advanced Ace Hack Kit on some other smartphone than HTC’s Inspire 4G, don’t. Make a backup that should contain very important stuff in your phone. Also, the Sense 3.0 UI may need a downgrade to an older version; to see what version you will need, have a peek in the manual that comes with the package during the installation process.


Which brings us to the next step before we tell you the steps you need to follow. You need to see if your device runs a stock ROM. Then you have to keep a laptop/computer with Windows XP Home, Vista or 7 close at hand. Then remove Droid Explorer and HTC Sync. You will also have to remove, if there are any, the drivers on the smartphone from the laptop and all the tablet management, PDA and phone software that is installed on your PC.

Don’t forget to turn off every firewall, antivirus and such programs before you proceed to the extraction of the Advanced Ace Hack Kit. Stop the programs made by Apple. The most important requirement of them all: avoid opening other programs throughout the installation

Important instructions

  1. Step 1 is to get the Advanced Ace Hack Kit online from or . After you did that, save the file to a laptop/personal computer.
  2. Step 2: use your archive extraction program and extract the previously downloaded archive. Send the content of the file using a single directory file.
  3. For the third step you have to use the installation kit that you’ll find inside a subfolder called toolswindrivers; this one is within the folder where you’ve been performed the previous step. It will install the needed HTC USB drivers. If you are asked to do it, reboot the PC after you’re done with the installation of the said drivers.
  4. In the fourth step you need to enable the USB Debugging option on the Inspire 4G; For that you must go to the settings of the phone. And then you must enter into the Applications > USB Debugging andcheck the option if it is not checked yet.
  5. Step 5 is the following: go to Main Menu > Phone Settings > Connect to computer; then set the factory mode to Charge only.
  6. Step 6: connect the smartphone to the laptop by using a USB connector selecting the charge only mode. You must employ the USB connector which enter into the comp’s motherboard. Only that one, nothing more.
  7. For the seventh step you have to open the directory where the Hack Kit is located. Use your mouse and select the script file. Then use it as Administrator once you are in the menu which appear. Follow these instructions on how to do it if you have various Windows versions: hack-ace-xph.cmd (for Windows XP Home; you should employ an Administrator user account only), hack-ace.cmd (if your OS is the Windows XP; log in as Admin) and hack-ace.cmd for people who work with Windows Vista or 7.
  8. Step 8: you should see a command prompt popup. When you do, type 1 to choose Hack Ace. Then press the button for Enter.
  9. [sc name=”banner-jos”]In the ninth step you will receive a list of messages. Everything is automatically, so you must do nothing.
  10. The final step consists of the Inspire 4G rebooting. Not once, but a couple of times. You should let it do its job and drink a cup of tea or coffee.

Other instructions

Once the process is over, follow these steps:

  • plug the device into a laptop (use the USB cable for this),
  • open a command window on the PC,
  • change the folder via the command prompt) to the place of the Advanced Ace Hack Kit extracted files,
  • modify the folder name “cd tools” to the “tools” folder,
  • modify the folder name “cd win” to the “win” folder,
  • you must introduce the “adb reboot recovery” command at the prompt (this is going to send the device into reboot mode into the ClockworkMod Recovery mode),
  • restart the Inspire 4G into normal mode,
  • enter adb reboot bootloader at the prompt (which is going to reboot the device into fastboot mode when you will see S-OFF written on the bootloader),
  • enter fastboot reboot at the prompt (the smartphone will start into the normal mode) and lastly,
  • open the application called BusyBox Installer on the smartphone. Install it. When you notice an app named Superuser asking you to give the application root permission, give it.

The Advanced Ace Hack Kit has the great advantage of both rooting the HTC Inspire 4G and allowing the user to have S-OFF.