Unroot Motorola Backflip (SuperOneClick Method)

If you just unrooted your Motorola Backflip using the z4Root method we just talked about in one of our previous posts, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s an alternative to it. And it is called SuperOneClick. This methid is known to deliver the same expectations as the other one, but it is much easier to use compared to other tools we have stumbled across along the way. It also works for that situation in which you want to root this same handset. Below you will find out more on the method we used for today’s guide.

Besides being very easy to perform, the SuperOneClick tool works twice as fast as the z4Root method does. To prepare your phone for it, you need to take into account some very useful requirements. Like using it with a comp or a laptop that ships with a Windows OS version and making sure the phone’s battery unit is fully charged. Also, you have to , with which your Motorola Backflip needs to have been rooted in the first place. If you have used another tool, then the current one is not going to work on this model.


Important instructions

The guide on how to unroot your device with the method we mentioned is below.

  1. And it starts with step number one urging you to move the SuperOneClick archive previously downloaded on your handset to a dedicated folder that should be part of your laptop. Then extract the archive in the dedicated folder that you had to create for the previous step (see if you spot an executable file in there, too, while you’re at it).
  2. For the second step you need to start the USB debugging (access the Menu, then Settings, then Applications. The next step is to select the Development option, then USB debugging).
  3. Immediately afterwards you have to perform a connection between the phone and the laptop by using a USB cord for that; and, for step number three, select the SuperOneClick.exe file.
  4. Step number four needs you to right click on the file, then choose Run as administrator. You must select the Unroot option when the application starts.
  5. Step number five is going to require the user to wait until the last step makes the phone go into the unrooting phase. This will not take more than a couple of minutes. If you don’t like to wait, the touchscreen will announce you when the process is over.

Now that the Motorola Backflip has just been unrooted via a method called SuperOneClick, you can, once again, enjoy your smartphone the way it was before you rooted it. The Superuser app and the SU binaries from before have disappeared.