How to Flash ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy Note 3 N900T

Your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 N900T has many things to display when you get a custom recovery like ClockworkMod on it. Which is precisely the reason behind today’s tutorial. By following it closely, your phone will have the CWM Recovery on it in not more than 15 minutes (or, if you are a complete beginner, half an hour tops).

This tool is a custom recovery image which helps the user of a device, in our case the Galaxy Note 3 N900T, get custom ROMs, erase unnecessary programs and such, overclock the device’s processor, flash custom kernels, customize the way your phone looks, perform a NANDroid backup, restore data and many other possibilities.


Should the idea of having this custom recovery tool on your device greatly appeal to you, then perform the upcoming pre-requisites first:

  • root the smartphone by way of an appropriate tutorial;
  • charge your device’s battery unit;
  • create a backup using this post;
  • turn on USB Debugging;
  • go to the laptop or PC you have in front of you and make sure you disable its security software;
  • get USB drivers for the phone on the laptop.

When the warranty of your handset will be nowhere to be found at the end of our guide, we advise you to get it back by upgrading your Galaxy Note 3 N900T to an official version of the Android OS.Galaxy-Note-3-N900T


  1. To start with the guide, we recommend you to get something known as Samsung KIES for your phone in case there are no USB drivers available for it; download this software on your notebook.
  2. After that download the following on it: the (file name: n900t-cwm-recovery- and Odin tool v3.07 from here. Each of these two packages must go through an unzipping stage.
  3. After you have proceeded with this step, you have to launch the Odin tool on the laptop and then turn to the phone to switch it off. This is necessary so that the SM-N900T can smoothly be entered into Download Mode; this booting should go in the following manner: press + hold, simultaneously, Volume Down, Power and Home.
  4. Go to the box that your phone shipped with, take out the USB cord which came with it and use it to plug the handset to your notebook for the next part of the tutorial.
  5. The Odin will then pop up with these: a message showing “Added!!” and an ID:COM box port which is colored yellow (or blue).
  6. When these elements are not on the screen, it’s time to either use another USB port or install, again, the USB drivers. Tap PDA while in Odin and resort, next, to choosing the ClockworkMod file from the notebook.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Uncheck, if they are all checked, these boxes: F. Reset Time and Repartition. Now tap START and watch while the recovery file gets flashed on the Galaxy Note 3 N900T.
  8. When that ends, the display will have a green-colored ID:COM box port and a message reading PASS. You are left, now, with these steps: unplug the phone from the laptop, restart the former and enjoy the smartphone in its current form. You can, from now on, experience all the rooting advantages we displayed in our guide’s second paragraph. Have fun!