How to Root Sony Xperia S

If you can get your hands on a tool which brings you one step closer to getting the tablet or the smartphone of your dreams, we say go for it.

Especially if rooting is the procedure which will make this possible (with a certain tool). So with this idea in mind, and if you have Sony’s Xperia S, there’s a rooting guide here which will help with everything there needs to happen.


Which is great, because the manufacturer plans on releasing Jelly Bean for this model. And, once the smartphone passes this operation with full colors, it will allow the owner to change system files as well as other possibilities.

For you to know how to root the Xperia S, a few requirements need to be dealt with first. In their absence, the procedure will end in failure. So, without further ado, you will need to consider the following: and work with a laptop that has Windows in sight. Don’t forget to backup your important apps, the default ROM file, your personal info and your contacts.Sony-Xperia-S

Important instructions

  1. The route to an easy rooting of the Sony Xperia S is opened by step number one. In it, you will see that you need to do as follows: place the Root Package, as soon as you’ve downloaded it, on the desktop of the computer. When you are ready with that, go to this file and extract what it holds inside to the same place as before.
  2. For step number two you will have to just go to Menu, then choose Settings. Once here, you must tap on Developer options then on USB debugging; a box should be there and all you need to do is tick it so that USB debugging is turned on. You can’t move on to the next operation if that option is not enabled. After this is completed, you will be asked to take the handset and the laptop and plug them to each other; the USB cord of the smartphone is the instrument that’s indicated for this.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step three will follow; for it to work you will be prompted to double-click on RunMe.bat; it’s the same file that’s now sitting on the desktop. Opt for Normal mode should it require you to select a mode; then a couple of instructions are going to come on the display.
  4. Follow what they tell you to and the Sony Xperia S will be rooted.

The warranty that will afterwards get erased from the phone will quickly come back if you unroot the device. You can install ClockModWork on it, too. But more on that in a future post right here at DroidGator.