How to Root LG Optimus M+ (Metro PCS)

To be able to install a custom recovery image and whatnot, your smartphone – or any other gadget you own – needs to be rooted. Without this procedure, the owner of a certain device won’t find it easy to indulge in all kinds of possibilities afterwards.

So here we are, ready to introduce to you our guide on how to root LG’s Optimus M+ (Metro PCS version). If you stick around, you won’t be disappointed. We made everything pretty clear to follow so that even our less experienced readers could understand what we are talking about.


This was it for our introductory paragraph. Getting to the meat on the bones means that we are about to mention all the requirements you shouldn’t miss out on before the rooting begins. They sound like this: use only a laptop whose manufacturer provided it with Windows and then that work with the Optimus M Plus Metro PCS (don’t use drivers meant for another gadget). Read these pre-requisites very well and you should be prepared to move on to the next part of our guide. Which deals with the steps we touched on.LG-Optimus-M-plus

Important instructions

  1. The tutorial has its first step sounding like this: , find them a place on the desktop of the computer and then extract the total amount of files inside it to the desktop. Make sure all the files are there before moving to step two.
  2. The instructions which are offered for this one tell you the following: go to the handset’s Menu, tap on Settings, opt for Developer options and choose the box which is just below to the USB Debugging option. That’s all. Now simply grab a hold of the USB cord arriving in the box with the Optimus M+; what you need to do with it is to use it for the following purpose: plug the phone to your laptop.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]It’s time for step number three telling you to use your mouse and double click on the file called run.bat (if you have no clue where it is, go to the desktop and you’ll see it extracted there).
  4. After you’ve double-clicked on it, it’s time to wait for the touchscreen to show a series of instructions; when they appear, your role will be to do what they prompt you to. That will make the smartphone go into the much-anticipated rooting process. Now you should just have fun using the LG Optimus M+ Metro PCS in ways you’ve never experienced before. You can install on it a custom recovery image, like ClockModWork Recovery, for example.

The rooting, though, will affect the phone by retrieving its warranty. Which will be easy to restore: unroot the handset and that’s that.