How to Unroot LG Optimus Sol E730

Time for a guide on how to unroot LG’s Optimus Sol E730 after telling you how to root it not too long ago here on If you like this type of smartphone, you probably bought it because, despite the fact that it comes with a cheap price tag, it delivers well when it comes to performance, features and overall user experience. In a sea of very expensive handsets which not always deliver stellar performance, the Optimus Sol is a good alternative.

More than likely you have already rooted your phone using a guide we wrote here. You’ve also already seen what this procedure brings new and what it can disappoint with. If you think it’s time to return to how your smartphone would behave before you rooted it, then look no further than an unrooting method. It may no longer let you make use of root-only applications, but it is going to bring back the old fun you used to have with the device when you bought it. Including the warranty you thought was gone for ever.


If you’ve used our tutorial on how to root this handset, you’ve noticed that the operation in question was not that hard to perform. All that we required of you were some pre-requisites and steps. Which are the same two things we are requesting from you this time, too. If you follow these two by the book, you will see how easy it is to unroot the Optimus Sol E730, too. So let’s stop here with the introduction and get on with things.lg-optimus-sol-e730

As far as requirements go, your phone should be fully charged and you should also make sure that your laptop runs Windows and you have a full backup performed. Now concentrate on the steps that follow.

Important instructions

  1. The first of them needs you to find and then (version 2.3.3) on your computer’s desktop, then as soon as you are done, return to it so that you can extract the files it contains to that same spot as instructed earlier.
  2. Step two has the following instructions for you to follow: turn on, on your phone, USB debugging; do it like we tell you to: go to Menu, tap on Settings, opt for Applications, choose Development then find the box saying USB debugging and click on it to turn the option on.
  3. Step three has in store these guidelines: connect the Optimus Sol to the laptop, then find the SuperOneClick file and simply double-click on it.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Once that executable file opens, step four will tell you to do these operations: click on a button called Unroot. Now have patience until the handset starts to pass through the unrooting phase (which should only take a couple of minutes tops).
  5. The second the unrooting is over, your phone’s display will be covered in a confirmation message. That will mark the end of our guide and the start of your adventure with your freshly unrooted LG Optimus Sol E730. Go and see whether or not Superuser is in the App Drawer; if it isn’t, the procedure ended in complete success. Now let go of the root-only applications you’ve downloaded on the smartphone along the way.