How to Root Galaxy S Giorgio Armani GT-I9010

Galaxy S Giorgio Armani GT-I9010 will do you proud. It only takes a rooting to allow this phone to show its hidden gems. What are they and what will come next for you? Discover the answer below.

To change things around for your phone, you must first root it. Here’s where SRSRoot does its job perfectly. This app, which comes for free, is ready to deliver novelties and improvement tools. But for now, let’s see what our pick for a Build ID was: Android FROYO. The latter’s not the only Build ID to work on your handset; others may be used instead for the rooting. The Samsung GT-I9010, which was unveiled in 2011, will see new features and a faster 1 GHz Cortex-A8 processor. Android 2.2 Froyo will not be erased from the handset by the rooting app.

The benefits of this procedure

Root-only apps, superuser / admin permission and battery options are also offered. This tool works with a very generous number of gadgets, even if their manufacturers differ. The SRSRoot prides itself on its lack of annoying bloatware. It also offers custom ROMs and plenty of useful customization methods. Letting you get rid of root access is another specialty of this freeware. No security problems are brought on by the rooting. An SRS Server powers the new rooting tool.Galaxy-S-Giorgio-Armani-GT-I9010

If you’re set on providing the GT-I9010 with an update firmware, its root access will no longer be an option. Then there’s the matter of the device’s system partition; the update will delete it. This isn’t the sort of procedure that erases important data or damages internal / external SD cards. A consequence of grabbing the SRSRoot: the warranty is going to be revoked. Make sure you have it back by looking for a tutorial that’ll show you how it’s done.


If you think you can move on, here’s what needs to be done next: requirements. Every one of them is very easy to follow. Here goes nothing:

  • it’s a food thing to download, on the laptop you use, USB drivers and install them there afterwards;
  • it’s an equally good idea to charge the Galaxy S Giorgio Armani GT-I9010 should it require that;
  • some backups have to happen in order to preserve the handset’s data from any sort of damage;
  • a full NANDroid backup has to be performed;
  • having the laptop’s security software disabled is the next thing to do;
  • consider deactivating your phone’s security programs;
  • USB Debugging is one of the options your smartphone has to have turned on, so enable it;
  • the laptop must run Windows.

Step by step instructions

With these pre-requisites out of the way, you can finally enjoy the rooting procedure. For this to happen, your task will involve some appropriate steps for your Giorgio Armani smartphone. They’re all discussed in the next few paragraphs!

  1. Here’s the task which comes first: go to this important place. As soon as you’re done opening this crucial page, tap on its download button. The SRSRoot application will quickly start its important journey on to the laptop.
  2. Have patience now till the freeware’s download is all over. After a few minutes of doing that, you will go to the app and flash it.
  3. Open it on the laptop and tap Menu on the phone; next, tap Settings on it, too; this will direct you to Unknown Sources. This option needs to be turned on; that’s why you’ll be requested to click on it.
  4. What’s required of you now is this: activate, if you haven’t, an option known as USB Debugging. This certain step has to be followed with a different one.
  5. Create, for it, a connection between the Galaxy S GT-I9010 and your laptop. This is an action that will use the help of your handset’s USB cord. When this tool has been employed and a connection is forged, continue with another step.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Find and tap, for it, an option which will help begin the rooting. The name of this particular option is Root Device (All Methods). After the procedure commences at last, you need to wait around 14 minutes; but not more than 15 minutes.
  7. If more minutes pass and the device isn’t rooted, you had better try and redo the steps previously performed. In case the situation is mended, time for this task: return to the phone and make sure it restarts. Reboot System Now is the right option for this job; tap it and wait until the rebooting has been completed.

You need to see if you like those rooting benefits. The SRSRoot is sure to revoke the root access if you ask it to.

Now make sure you leave your comments or questions in the section below.