How to Root LG Optimus Logic

LG Optimus Logic LGL35G is only one step closer to joining other countless smartphones which are already rooted. This tutorial is aiming to tell owners of this device how they, too, can revel in the advantages that this procedure offers for it.

One of the many pros is the following: you will be able to flash things like custom ROMs, root-access applications and many other countless tools that will help make the user experience much more enjoyable than it currently is.


Of course, there are some cons that come with the rooting of your Optimus Logic LGL35G (Straight Talk version). The one you are definitely going to find annoying: the handset will no longer have its trademark warranty on-board. But there is one main way to make it find its way back onto your phone, and that’s by unrooting the latter.

We will write a guide on how to perform this in one of our future posts. So, if you find you wish to unroot the Optimus Logic, have some patience and we will indicate the steps you need to follow for this purpose soon.LG-Optimus-Logic

But for now, what is one to do if one needs to root their smartphone? Here are our requirements for this questions: charge the battery of the Optimus Logic, make a backup of its data and use a laptop whose operating system is Windows.

Important instructions

The second part of this tutorial arrives with the steps which are going to make the rooting of the device easy to perform.

  1. For first step you must locate an archive called and make sure to flash it on your laptop, then extract its files to the latter’s desktop.
  2. After the installation and the extraction of the archive happen successfully, you should now pay attention to step number two which looks like this: turn on, on the Optimus Logic, something that is known as USB debugging; to do it without issues, go to your device’s Menu, click on Settings, be sure to select Applications, choose Development and tap on USB debugging. You’ve now enabled this option and you can now proceed to the enabling of another option, Unknown sources. To do so, follow our lead by accessing your phone’s Menu, opting to Settings, choosing Applications and then tapping on Unknown sources.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step three will require you to do the following after you’ve turned on the previous option: plug the smartphone to your laptop by using the USB cord of the Optimus Logic LGL35G. Once that done, you will have to double-click on OneClick-Root-CWM.bat file; the latter is on the comp’s desktop.
  4. In step four a number of guidelines will appear on the display; do what they instruct you to perform, then, when you’ve completed this task, have patience until the handset starts to root. In our tests, this took a couple of minutes till it completed. After the rooting phase is over, your LG Optimus Logic is going to also sport a custom recovery image. Try and find some root-only applications and flash them on your smartphone. Enjoy!

  • narutoblockhead

    Im having trouble when i load the cmd.exe nothing happens just says that “daemon not running..”Dameon starting now” and then it doesnt do anything i really some ones HELpp ;/

    • Does the same to me. Not sure this works

      • narutoblockhead

        Hey i got my phone rooted already but i had to search the web a while i’ll send u a link once i find the site its a lot better than this lol

        • RandonLGL35GHelp

          So whats the Link ?

          • narutoblockhead

            still looking for it ;/ sorry i deleted the bookmark along time ago

          • Brook Moore

            I’m having the same exact problem. Its really frustrating… phone hasn’t got enough sufficient storage space as it I have no apps saved and it still acts like there is no system memory space left… someone please help.

          • Artbermiss

            I installed a file manager application and moved all the files to the sd card manually.

  • Kent

    after I click one click batch file it says daemon not running. press any key to continue. so i press enter and it says “starting it now”. then “Daemon started successfully”.
    then nothing happens. what do I do now?

    • Catalin Nichita

      I don’t know the reason of this issue. Do you have enough free space?

      • Kent

        Are you referring to free space on my phone? or on my desktop computer?

        • Catalin Nichita

          On the phone. Have you installed the correct drivers for it?

          • Kent

            that is one of my complaints about this phone. It only has 157mb of system memory, and 1gb of internal memory. At any given moment I have less than45mb of mem available to handle downloads. How much space do I need to handle the operations necessary to root my phone? Do I need to uninstall several of my apps to make room?

          • Catalin Nichita

            We’ve tried the tutorial with a phone free of apps. The download package has about 10.2 MB. I suggest you to move the apps to the memory card and to have more free space on it at the moment when you will decide to initiate the process.

          • Kent

            sorry to be so long in responding. How do I move apps to my sd card? Some of them will allow partially, but I cant find a way to move them manually, completely, rather than just using the menu system.

          • Catalin Nichita

            If the apps are pre-installed, you cannot move them without root. If your applications are installed by you on your internal memory, you can use an app like Moborobo to move all of them to the external SD card.

          • Kent

            Today I downloaded rom manager hoping it would allow me to backup. but it asked me to download CWM and my phone was not listed for Clockwork manager so I am stumped.

    • Cody Schuldt

      check your computers driver for your phone i had same problem till i downloaded the driver and it all worked after the fact

  • needhelp

    After I did the one-click on my desktop it said thank you and should I be waiting on my phone to root since I finished the process?

    • Catalin Nichita

      The tutorial was made few months ago (I have no phone to check once again the procedure). However, you must wait 3-4 minutes until the phone is rooted, once you initiate the process.