How to Root LG Optimus U US670

LG Optimus U US670 (US Cellular version) had yet to receive a rooting procedure. Which is exactly what we will address here on DroidGator. This smartphone was in great need of a different operating system along with many other advantages that only a rooting operation is able to provide for people who want a change.

This guide will work as a means to help our readers flash root access applications on this device, as well as custom ROMs and many other added bonuses. You don’t have to worry that this guide is too difficult to follow, because that’s simply not true. Not everyone is an expert on working with a phone, and we are fully aware of that; so we will make the tutorial as easy as possible to use.


Before introducing our requirements, we should warn you about the following: after the rooting is completed and your handset starts to behave differently, its warranty will disappear from the list of factory settings. Therefore, you need to think twice before you root the LG Optimus U US670. If you already did think twice, then know this: you will be able to regain the warranty by following our guide on how to unroot this model.LG-Optimus-U-US670

The pre-requisites look like this: charge the battery of the smartphone, make a backup via our guide and download on your laptop. Our duty regarding the requirements to read about before rooting the device have come to an end. Brace yourselves for what you need to do to actually root the Optimus U.

Important instructions

  1. The first task to perform is this one: after making sure that the z4Root APK file is on the desktop of your comp, connect the devices to one another via the USB cable that is part of the phone. Check if the latter and the laptop are well plugged between them, then wait for the computer to ask you which type of connection to opt for next; when you see the options, select the one which says Mass Storage.
  2. Now proceed to the second step telling you to copy the z4Root APK file form its original place to the SD card root of the Optimus U. Now wait for the transfer to end, then continue by disconnecting the phone from the laptop.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For step number three you should go to the smartphone’s Menu, tap on Settings, choose Applications and turn on the option dubbed Unknown sources. When this is completed, launch the File Manager app that is on the Optimus U.
  4. Step four will need you to do the following: install the APK file, then go to the handset’s App Drawer.
  5. Step five: when you’re in the right location, launch the said file and then hit Root after a couple of seconds’ wait. Your LG Optimus U is now going to enter the phase called rooting. Again, wait a bit till this procedure reaches its end, then just start exploring root-only apps, flash some of them, install custom ROMs and so on and simply enjoy your freshly rooted US670.