How to Unroot LG Optimus U US670

If you decide to get LG’s Optimus U US670 (US Cellular version) for yourself, you will discover that it sports a set of nice specs and features. People who own this model have long wanted for a guide telling them everything there is to know on how to root it. We are happy to let everyone know that we have such a guide on this site.

Also, many of the users wished for an unrooting tutorial, because they did not feel pleased with how the Optimus U US670 behaved after rooting it using our method; also, they wanted to know how to bring its warranty back along with its other initial settings. As we mentioned in our rooting guide before, we didn’t want to hear complaints from our readers, so we prepared a tutorial that was easy to perform. This one, we hope, has the same quality.


If you’ve ever used one of our guides on our site, you’re aware that we like to first throw in a couple of pre-requisites and only afterwards will we mention the steps to root or unroot a device. So here are the requirements for the Optimus U: use this tutorial only if you rooted your smartphone with our tested method, create a backup using this tutorial, then charge the battery of this handset to make sure it won’t die on you during the important procedure.LG-Optimus-U-US670

Important instructions

  1. Step one begins in the following way: download and place on your laptop’s desktop, plug the Optimus U to it after you’ve flashed that file, then move on by copying and pasting the APK file from the desktop of the laptop to the SD card root of the LG US670.
  2. The file having been transferred to where it is now, you should, for the second step, do as follows: unplug the devices from each other, then turn on Unknown sources on your Optimus U; our method for doing that goes in the following manner: access your phone’s Menu, select Settings, choose Applications, then check the box sitting next to the Unknown sources option.
  3. After having enabled that, your next task is part of step number three requiring you to do the following: launch the File Manager app on the Optimus U.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now that the application is launched on the smartphone, step four is here to request you to flash the APK file from the first step.
  5. For the upcoming step, the fifth, you should go to the App Drawer. Are you there yet? If yes, then launch the APK file and tap Unroot. Once the latter button is used, the handset is going to unroot in a little bit.

If everything went well, you should be greeted by the warranty again. To be absolutely sure that the LG Optimus U is, without a doubt, unrooted, try to install root-only apps. If you can’t, then the process passed the test with flying colors. A tip here: erase the root-only applications that are, right now, on the device. That was all for our tutorial. Make the most out of your unrooted Optimus U US670!