How to Root Galaxy Note 10.1 SCH-I925

Galaxy Note 10.1 SCH-I925 is in for many changes. Each of them contributes to its well-being. In order to better experience all of them, we present to you this post.

SRSRoot is the rooting method we’re betting on today. This app is the perfect fit for the tablet you own. In fact, there’s no device that isn’t compatible with the SRSRoot. Free to download, the app has a lot of novelties to its name. Custom ROMs are just a few of them. There are new features and root-only apps to make good use of, too. The app’s powered by an SRS Server and it delivers admin and superuser permission. JZO54K.I925VRALL3_LLK is the Build ID we picked for the rooting. You can, however, use a completely different one.

The benefits of this procedure

Security problems will never appear on your Verizon’s tablet once it’s rooted. Likewise, bloatware will be completely missing from the whole experience. A 1.4 GHz Qualcomm MDM9615M CPU is behind your tablet; as is this OS: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. On the one hand, the processor will move that much faster; on the other hand, the operating system will continue to work on your tablet. The SRSRoot is able to keep every OS version on its rightful device. This app is also capable of unrooting the gadget it’s on. The battery of your tablet has the chance to last more. You will discover plenty of tweaks to personalize the gadget.Galaxy-Note-10.1-SCH-I925

There is, however, a risk to expect from this rooting. And that is the loss of the warranty. Never you worry; the tablet will have that back once you’ve found a tutorial which works with it. You should think twice before updating your rooting Galaxy Note 10.1 SCH-I925; a procedure of this kind revokes the root access. The upgrade is also guilty of deleting the system partition. It isn’t, however, responsible for the data’s demise. The tablet’s equally important internal and external SD cards are saved, too.


Getting in touch with root access is only possible if you go through our requirements:

  • locate USB drivers here, then download them on your notebook;
  • continue by installing them there;
  • a fully charged battery should be had by your tablet;
  • backups for the tablet’s crucial data must be performed;
  • a full NANDroid backup has to be generated, too;
  • the security programs installed on your Galaxy Note 10.1 SCH-I925 need to be deactivated;
  • move on by making sure no security programs is activated on the notebook;
  • USB Debugging must be activated on the tablet;
  • it’s good to have Windows on your notebook instead of a different OS version.

Step by step instructions

Root access on the tablet will await you after performing a bunch of steps. They’re all delivered in the paragraphs below.

  1. A dedicated page has to be launched; this way you’ll have access to the SRSRoot app. When the website is open, you’ll see a certain download button. Clicking on it begins the download of the app on your notebook.
  2. The SRSRoot has to be installed next, then you should open it. Both of these actions have to be performed on the notebook, too.
  3. An option labelled Unknown Sources is located on your Samsung SCH-I925. You are asked to find it, then do this: tap it. To come across this useful option, you have to tap Settings; next up: discover the required option under it.
  4. Once the option is tapped, you should do this: enable, on the same tablet, a more different option. This one’s name is USB Debugging. And you’ve already heard of it above when you had to activate it.
  5. Should it already have been tapped, no need to repeat it. Instead of that, just perform a connection between the tablet and notebook. The connection has to be established with the tablet’s USB cord. In case they are, click on Root Device (All Methods) to activate the rooting at last.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]You’ll have to end the guide with a final step. But before doing so, wait for the tablet to complete the procedure. This shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes; should it do that, redo the previous steps.
  7. Back to the last step: restart the Galaxy Note 10.1 SCH-I925 by activating Reboot System Now. The completion of this action will appear soon. After the rebooting is finished, start taking in the whole bunch of novelties we talked about in the beginning of our post.

They may, while you do that, make you think twice about having root access. If you’re having second thoughts, an unrooting can be performed. Once more, the tool to revoke the root access is none other than the SRSRoot app!

To avoid issues, you can freely consult the comment box below.