How to Unroot LG Esteem

We have already covered a topic called “How to root LG Esteem” here on our very own Now we address the process which will unroot this same handset. The guide below is going to list all the steps that are needed for this action. Don’t go into a panic, though, they are all very easy to follow if you just pay the necessary attention to them.

If you don’t like how the smartphone in your possession acts after having it rooted, then follow the instructions and steps we are going to include in the next paragraph of our guide. They were all of them written especially for LG’s Esteem. They won’t work for another device, so be careful with what you use for this tutorial.

  1. The first step we introduced in our list is as follows: you must open your phone before doing any other task.
  2. Then, for step number two, be sure you absolutely do this: go to Menu, choose Settings, then Privacy and, lastly, click on the option you will see labelled as Factory Data Reset.
  3. Step number three is going to sound something like this: wait till the touchscreen of your handset shows a message. When it does that at last, then make sure you tap on Yes and your phone is going to begin its unrooting journey in no time at all.LG-Esteem

When this whole process is nearing its end, the LG Esteem will have finally gotten its warranty back and you will get to use it in its former glory from that moment on.

If you think the handset looked, in fact, much better when it was rooted, then go back a few articles and find a guide on how to do that. But should you very much like how it is performing and feeling in its unrooted stage, then the only thing you need to do after you follow the guide is to fire up your LG Esteem and play around with it. As soon as you do that, you are going to see what pros the handset has in store for your enjoyment from now on. One of the many great advantages is the fact that you shall soon get to use the warranty of the Esteem model after having lost it once you rooted this device. But be aware of the following: after the smartphone is unrooted, all of the root-only apps that were flashed on it are going to stop functioning.

In consequence, only follow the guide in case you agree with the con we just mentioned. If not, then leave your LG Esteem as it is. That way, you will not have to deal with faulty apps and so on.