How to Root Motorola RAZR HD XT925

In order to get the full benefits of a smartphone, particularly Motorola’s RAZR HD XT925, you will need to first root it. After the process ends, you will see that you can bring all sorts of customization options to it.

With them, the user experience is going to be loads better. So, should your phone sport Android Ice Cream Sandwich, then we recommend this tutorial.


So that our guide today doesn’t go awry, you need to follow some requirements. They shouldn’t be hard to keep in mind. Like we said already, make sure your RAZR HD XT925 uses the Android 4.1 OS. Then download the necessary on your laptop; the latter needs to feature for your device (you can use Motorola Device Manager for this action), along with Windows as its operating system.

Create backups (these should include all the data you think will be very important to you later on), activate the USB debugging, charge the battery of the handset until you see it’s completely full and, last requirement, find every security protection you have on both your RAZR HD XT925 and your computer and turn them off.Motorola-RAZR-HD-XT925

If you think you got all of the pre-requisites above in order, you should now take a look at the steps in our tutorial and learn how to root your phone. We tried to explain everything in detail so that the procedure goes smoothly.

Important instructions

  1. Step number one will ask you to connect your phone to the computer using a compatible USB cord. After that happens, Windows will try and detect your RAZR HD; once it knows what kind of device it’s dealing with, you will have to unzip the Droid Razr HD archive toy your laptop (should Windows fail to recognize the phone, then you will need to install the drivers again).
  2. For the second step, do this: launch the folder that contains the files extracted at the previous step. From there: double click on the Run.bat. You must run this action as Administrator and then follow the instructions you’ll see shortly.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step three: the handset is going to reboot. After the rebooting is done, you will be prompted to disconnect the smartphone from the laptop.

How to restore root after the OTA update

Here is how to restore the root if you decide to update your phone to the Jelly Bean OTA.

  1. Install VooDoo Rootkeeper on the RAZR HD XT925 and launch the app afterwards.
  2. Opt for Protect Root, then choose Temp Unroot. Install the Jelly Bean OTA update using this method: access the phone’s Settings, then select About Phone, choose System Updates and finally tap on Download option.
  3. Return to VooDoo Rootkeeper.
  4. Step 4: choose Restore Root.

  • Yury

    >> Here is how to restore the root if you decide to update your phone to the Jelly Bean OTA.
    Does this instruction work for keeping root when upgrading to 4.4.2 (the last possible official ROM for XT925)?