How to Root Galaxy Admire 4G SCH-R820

To secure a Galaxy Admire 4G SCH-R820 filled with only the good stuff, a rooting will be most helpful. For such an occasion, we put this app on the table: SRSRoot. Root access can be claimed through this guide.

The phone came out approximately two years ago. The app we wish to present today is a very useful one. Its many novelties are all advantages to the phone they’ll end up on. To enjoy all of these, a download of the said app is necessary. Doing that doesn’t cost a thing. After the freeware becomes your handset’s property, you will become the owner of a superior product. Before achieving that, consider a Build ID; chose whichever one you like, the app allows you to do so. We found this one good: GINGERBREAD.FJ07.

The advantages of this procedure

The SRSRoot gets powered by an SRS Server. Another attraction is this: the app has the same new stuff for a lot of different products. Root-only apps and superuser / admin permission are added to the handset, too. Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread is your MetroPCS smartphone’s operating system. You’ll still have it once the root access is available. The device will not contain these: bloatware or security issues.Galaxy-Admire-4G-SCH-R820

The phone isn’t hard to personalize once you get the SRSRoot. You’ll soon own a device whose 1000 MHz CPU receives faster speeds. Other important stuff such as custom ROMs and new features will be made available. Many tweaks for a better battery are offered, as well. Unrooting the Galaxy Admire SCH-R820 has to do with the same tool, too.

The smartphone has a warranty on it. This will be a thing of the past when root access shows up. This disappearance of the warranty won’t be permanent. You can always retrieve it. This restoration should be performed with a tutorial that’s only appropriate for your phone. When the handset is rooted and an upgrade is your next move, the smartphone will have to let these go: the root access together with the system partition. The phone gets to access its internal and external SD cards. The update will also leave the device’s important content alone. To make sure you regain possession of what’s lost, you’ll have to find a tutorial on how to re-root the handset.


Let’s now get on with what’s needed of you before the procedure begins:

  • USB drivers that are fitting of your handset need to be downloaded, from here, on the notebook;
  • the installation of these drivers should be what you do next;
  • the battery which comes with your Samsung SCH-R820 needs to be fully charged;
  • backups have to be created so that neither of the phone’s important content is lost;
  • a full NANDroid backup should be generated after the regular one’s performed;
  • the smartphone’s security software is to be turned off;
  • the notebook’s security software is to be disabled, too;
  • USB Debugging, an option that’s part of the phone, should be activated;
  • Windows should come with your notebook.

Step by step instructions

For now, let’s put the requirements behind us. That’s because you can finally attend to your phone’s rooting.

  1. We have the first task for you now: get the SRSRoot app downloaded on the laptop. To even begin this action, find the page where the app is at. Which is this site.
  2. When the latter opens, look for a download button the page comes with. Then be sure to click on it and wait. After some minutes, the freeware will be on your device. That’s when you’ll have to install and open it there.
  3. After you’ve performed all of the previous parts, go to Menu on the handset. This option needs an activation. After it’s tapped, click on Settings.
  4. Next up, turn on Unknown Sources, which is the option under the previous one you enabled. Did you not turn on USB Debugging? If you haven’t, enable it now.
  5. If done with this, too, you can plug the smartphone and the laptop between one another; the USB cord shipping with the phone can connect the two.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Rooting your Galaxy Admire 4G SCH-R820 requires a certain action from you. This is how it’s done: tap Root Device (All Methods).
  7. The soon to start procedure will end in about 13 minutes; redo the steps if the process takes longer than 15 minutes. Rebooting the handset is the next action; and final one. When you’re prepared, simply tap Reboot System Now.

The Samsung SCH-R820 once restarted, it can deliver all of its benefits at last. Enjoy them, and, should they displease you, turn to the SRSRoot; by doing so, the root access can leave your handset.

Make use of the comment section below if you have rooting problems that need solving!