How to Root Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C

Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C is presently scheduled for a rooting. Delivering such important content is a job fit for SRSRoot. Its presence on this handset is something that’s easily achieved. This tutorial contains the details of quickly ending up with root access.

This is where you’ll receive some details on what it’s like to have the SRSRoot. This valuable instrument is offered for free. Once you own it, you can always use it to unroot the device it’s on. 1 year has passed since your handset’s been released. The device may be in need of a faster CPU; its 800 MHz processor will experience just that at the end of the rooting. With this app you can avoid programs, apps and such which constitute bloatware.

The benefits of this procedure

This new app is powered by an SRS Server and it arrives with new features. The Straight Talk handset can also enjoy the following: root-only applications as well as customization possibilities. There are many other advantages tied to the freeware. Like these: compatibility with different gadgets and the arrival of custom ROMs.Galaxy-Centura-SCH-S738C

Under the hood is this OS variant: Android 4.0.4. You have no reason to fear losing it; the SRSRoot works with every version of Android. Included in the mix are also these: longer battery life and admin / superuser permission. To use the app you should first decide upon a Build ID. As always, you can always opt for your favorite online; the app is perfectly compatible with whatever you choose. The one we thought was perfect for your device is called IMM76D.S738CWYAMC1.

Root access will be damaged as soon as you consider an update. By performing an upgrade on a rooted device, the latter’s system partition will suffer, too. On the other hand, no damage awaits your phone’s internal and external SD cards. Important data is also kept safe from major harm.

The warranty that’s delivered by your phone will be subjected to deletion. In order to ensure its restoration, you’d better start looking for a guide telling you how that works. For best results, use that tutorial which only works with your Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C.


Once you’re faced with both the good and the bad sides of a rooting, you have to look into some pre-requisites:

  • USB drivers are a must for the laptop and you’ll find them here;
  • after you locate them, download them on your laptop;
  • these USB drivers should find their place on the latter device;
  • the battery belonging to your Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C has to be full;
  • create backups;
  • generate, via this tutorial, a full NANDroid backup;
  • your smartphone’s security programs will need to be disabled;
  • all of the laptop’s security programs should be turned off afterwards;
  • enable the phone’s USB Debugging option now;
  • Windows must be the only variant your laptop owns.

Step by step instructions

You’re now done with these important pre-requisites. If everything’s been done as shown above, then be ready for the first rooting step.

  1. The following task tells you how it’s done: click on this link. When you are already on the page this action launches, click on a download button which can be seen at that address.
  2. The file will then be downloaded on the notebook. Your next action should be this one: the SRSRoot app needs to be flashed on the previous device.
  3. After the app is installed there, you need to launch it. Next task tells you to activate some options. The first of them needs to be Menu and the second one has to be Settings.
  4. Unknown Sources will then show up under the latter; your job is to tap it. Wait for its activation, then enable USB Debugging.
  5. This needs to be turned on by those of you who haven’t enabled it already. Now that all of these have been performed, time to provide a connection between the Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C and your notebook.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This step is to be helped by the handset’s USB cable. After doing its job, you need to begin the phone’s rooting. Enter it in this stage by activating a certain Root Device (All Methods) option.
  7. You have to stand aside now for the next 10-15 minutes. Should you have to wait longer than this, repeat the steps.
  8. The rest of the guide should be spent as such: reboot your phone. This action needs the enabling of the following option: Reboot System Now.

Root access can be too much. If your Samsung SCH-S738C should not perform well with it on-board, you have the SRSRoot to unroot it. You also have a comment box that you can use if the procedure proves difficult.