Tutorial: Root Archos 80 and 101 (G9 series)

Archos G9 series (the 80 and 101 models) can be rooted with the help of our tutorial. So if you use one of these tablet, grab it and read what we have to say on the matter. First we will advise you the following: download 4 files, charge the battery of the gadget and install ADB on the laptop you use. The files you need to download are these: , , and , , and .

Even if it’s a guide on how to root the Archos G9 80 or 101 tablets, this article proposes two types of rooting: a temporary one and a permanent one. Let’s see how the former presents itself.

Temporary root

  1. Step one: after you get the files mentioned, move the files into a dedicated folder, connect the Archos G9 to the comp and start the command line when you are in the ADB directory via the Start > Cmd option; next, opt for Open command window here and type in

    adb devices
  2. For step number 2 you have to wait till a list comes in front of your eyes; when it does, look for the name of the tablet, because you’ll know then that the tablet – laptop connection is working.
  3. Step 3 goes like this: type
    incd desktop
  4. and then insert these commands via the command line
    adb push 1 /data/local/
    adb push 2 /data/local/
    adb shell chmod 0755 /data/local/1
    adb shell chmod 0755 /data/local/2
    adb shell /data/local/1
    adb reboot
    adb shell /data/local/2
    adb reboot

Wait for the tablet to reboot. To get the Archos G9 80 or 101 rooted permanently, follow the steps below.Archos-80

Permanently root

  1. The first step needs the user to unzip the SDE ZIP archive into a dedicated folder, on the desktop.
  2. Step 2: take the USB cable of the tablet and plug the latter to the laptop with its aid. Now you should perform this operation: activate the command line prompt using the Start > cmd method.
  3. For the third step you have to type in
    in the CPW (short for Command Prompt Window), followed by
    adb shell rm /data/local.prop
    in CPW as well.
  4. Step four: shut down the Command line then move the Archos3279 file to the tablet’s internal storage. When the transfer ends, switch the tablet off.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 5: press and hold Volume Down and Power.
  6. Step 6: the logo of the tablet will come on-screen and you’ll need to opt for Recovery Menu when the menu is on.
  7. Step 7: select Developer Edition menu to have the possibility to flash the initramfs and the kernel. See if a drive makes its entrance; when it does, move the initramfs and zImage file to the tablet’s internal drive then select the Power option next. Switch the G9 off , restart it and get into Recovery mode. This is done like this: keep selected the Volume Down and Power keys for about 5 seconds.
  8. The eighth step requires you to go to the menu.
  9. Step 9: while there, opt for Recovery System, then Developer Menu and then Remove Android Kernel. Tap on Yes if you see a question pop up and wait till the Archos G9 (80 or 101) reboots.

If you decide t unroot the tablet you can follow this guide.