How to Install Android 4.3 VJUANB6 on Galaxy Grand 2 Duos TV SM-G7102T

VJUANB6 official firmware has just been released for Galaxy Grand 2 Duos TV SM-G7102T. Why? To update your phone to a new OS variant. Details are coming up next!

The country which is the first to receive this update file is Brazil. Note that the firmware is only compatible with this smartphone: Galaxy Grand 2 Duos SM-G7102T. When used on the right handset, the VJUANB6 will be sure to update it to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the most recent version. This OS can be delivered either via OTA (you can’t do it with KIES) or our guide. In order to opt for the over-the-air method, your smartphone will have to sport stock ROM. If you use our tutorial, you can upgrade your device even if it doesn’t boast this ROM.

In order to fully appreciate how much an update can benefit your handset, we’ll show you some goodies. The new OS will surprise you with no bugs, but plenty of new apps and ways to personalize the phone. An upgrade shall also bring a whole range of new features and options to improve performance, battery and so on.

If your handset is rooted, the presence of the Android 4.3 JB will wipe away root access. The handset does preserve its internal and external SD cards, but it will also lose its system partition. Every crucial file, data and such is saved.Galaxy-Grand-2-Duos-SM-G7102


Time for some requirements:

  • make sure your notebook’s OS is Windows;
  • your notebook will need USB drivers compatible with the smartphone;
  • make regular backups to have your phone’s data saved from damage;
  • if you don’t like the new OS, you need to have a full NANDroid backup file created;
  • enable, on the Galaxy Grand 2 Duos SM-G7102T, its USB Debugging;
  • charge the handset;
  • turn off, on the laptop, the programs that protect it from security problems;
  • turn off the security software that’s already installed on your own phone.

Step by step instructions

If you can’t wait to have this firmware installed on the Samsung SM-G7102T, the steps below will help you along the way!

  1. Your first move should be the following: look for Odin v3.09 and the . When you come across them on this page and here, be sure to have them downloaded on the notebook you use.
  2. They should also be saved there, then you will need to do this: use 7Zip to make sure the content of the packages is unzipped on your laptop. During the extraction, Odin v3.09.exe will appear among the files. This one must be opened on your laptop. After it is, you will be required to enter the phone in Download Mode.
  3. Home, Power and Volume Down are the buttons you need to press and hold simultaneously for the first part of the previous task. A boot message is going to come up on the screen; press Volume Up when it does and your device will be in the Download Mode at last.
  4. A plugging is needed now: your handset and laptop should be glued to one another with the USB cord of the former device. As soon as Odin finds the smartphone, a sign in blue will be unveiled. After the connection’s been established, do as follows: add the firmware file to AP / PDA.
  5. When the adding’s over, some boxes are going to pop up on the screen. The ones that must be ticked are Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. A box called Re-partition will already be unchecked.
  6. Your job is to uncheck it. Begin the flashing of the new firmware now. Like shown here: click on “Start“. In a matter of 12-15 minutes, the installation of the VJUANB6 will be done.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The end of this process will be displayed in the following manner: the screen of the phone will have “Pass” in a green background and your SM-G7102T will restart all on its own. If that’s so, you have to unplug the Galaxy Grand 2 Duos TV SM-7102T from your notebook before opening the new OS.

The operating system can now be accessed by tapping Settings, then clicking on About Phone. When the new addition doesn’t do its job as advertised, you should try restoring the old ROM via the NANDroid backup file. But applying this option means the loss of the update procedure.

When you have questions, the comment segment below will be there to help.

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    thanks you helped me a lot with large 2 am Brazilian and I have only q agredecer you my cell phone was with SW corrupted because I was trying to root and

    and gave an error … Thanks a lot!