How to Root Sony Xperia Active

Sony Xperia Active is one of the smartphones which don’t require a complicated rooting procedure. If you have the right tool along with the right tutorial, you can do wonders to this handset. To that effect we pulled all the right strings to find the best steps that would root your device.


As for requirements, something that every guide is bound to feature, we recommend the following actions: use a laptop that operates with Windows, download on it as well as USB Drivers that work only with the Xperia Active. Now charge the battery of the latter, generate a backup using this guide and you’re almost good to go. We say almost because you need to consider this info: the second your smartphone is rooted, its warranty will no longer be in sight. To retrieve it, you will need to find a tutorial on how to unroot this model. Because that is the only solution to the problem.

Now all should be in order for you to root this phone and experience the possibility of flashing things like a custom recovery image, applications that require root access and such. These important benefits should be enough to convince you to follow the steps below. They are the ones which shall help the Xperia Active gain root access.
Now let’s see what the steps we kept mentioning look like. Please remember to follow every single one of them to avoid issues later on.


  1. Here is what you have to perform for the very first step: once the Root Package is on your laptop, see to it that it is located on the desktop. When you’ve checked this detail, you need to go to the archive and extract its files to the desktop, as well.
  2. After you make sure everything is as we told you, your next concern should be step number two; whose instructions sound like this: turn to your Xperia Active and enable USB debugging on it. That can be done if you go to its Menu, opt for Settings, choose Application, select Development, then tap on USB debugging.
  3. Step number three will require the following from you: turn on Unknown sources by returning to the Menu of the phone, selecting Settings, opting for Application, then choosing the Unknown sources option. That should do it. Now it’s time for you to plug the handset to the comp; for that we like to use the USB cable of the device as an instrument. Everything will go smoothly if you employ it for this tutorial (and for all other guides in general, no matter the gadget).
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After the two devices are connected to one another, the following step, which is the fourth, will need you to do the following: find the RUNME.bat file that is on the desktop of your laptop.
  5. Double-click on it, then wait till a couple of instructions appear on the phone’s display.
  6. When they do, the sixth step will ask you to follow them.

After doing everything those prompts tell you to, you will soon see that your Sony Xperia Active is rooted and ready to be explored.