Root Samsung Captivate and Vibrant

Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Captivate are both great smartphones and they can now be rooted in a way that is both fast and easy. As usual, the one who found a solution for the owners of these handsets was a very gifted developer.

The method he used is made of certain steps that must be followed in the exact same order he thought of them. If you don’t pay extra attention to what you’re doing, neither (or both, if you decide to root them at the same time) of the handsets will work anymore. Not to mention you will lose the phones’ warranty. But the latter is going to come back once you unroot the smartphones with a dedicated guide.

What you have to do before you can start the process is simply to find the following files on the Internet: and . When you finally locate them, you need to install them. This will allow you to proceed to the steps we just discussed

Important instructions

  1. And here they are. For the first step you need to open your Samsung Vibrant or Captivate (or both simultaneously), then tap on Menu.
  2. For step number 2 you have to accessSettings > Applications > Development and then spot the option which is known as USB debugging. If you see it’s not checked, do it yourself by ticking the box which is located just next to it. Now you have to download the following program: for the respective handset you own or for the other phone model.
  3. Afterwards comes step number three, which asks you to operate the following task: unzip the files that were previously downloaded on the laptop.
  4. Then, for the fourth step, you need to use the USB cable that comes with your device in order to connect one of the handsets to the laptop you usually work with.
  5. All you need to do next, for step number five, is to select the T-Mobile Vibrant One-Click Root executable; now opt for Run As Administrator (do the same for the Captivate handset, but this time select the AT&T Captivate One Click Root.exe instead of the other one).
  6. Step number six, which is the final one, will need you to wait till you notice the Command line on the phone’s display, because it contains all that you are required to do next. In other words, you will get your smartphone finally rooted.

The Samsung Vibrant and the Samsung Captivate are now both rooted. What remain to be done after you complete our tutorial is this: simply enjoy the pros of either of the smartphones. They are not few at all!