Update Galaxy S I9000 to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean via PAC ROM

All hail to Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and the fact that it can be updated to a new OS version. Which is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

The smartphone can finally receive this version with PAC ROM. The latter is a combination of all that’s great on CM10.1, AOKP and ParanoidAndroid.


Your handset must now go through a set of pre-requisites. They look like this:

  • root the device;
  • install a custom recovery image on the Galaxy S I9000;
  • create a backup using this tutorial;
  • turn on USB Debugging (for this, be sure to find Settings, opt for Applications, click on Development and afterwards choose the option we mentioned);
  • take the smartphone and make sure its battery is fully charged.

Our next words include a warning: the handset is going to have a warranty no more once you are done with the guide. To ensure it comes back, you should install official Samsung firmware on the Galaxy S I9000.

How to flash Pac ROM on Galaxy S GT-I9000

  1. The time for action has finally come. Download, on your personal computer, Google apps package from here and for your phone’s particular model (this package can be found on its official development site).
  2. Once the packages are there, you need to resort to the handset’s own USB cord so that you are able to swiftly plug the S GT-I9000 to your notebook and then take the two packages from the latter’s desktop; after you have copied them, you need to paste them to the SD card root of the smartphone and after that unplug the phone from the comp.
  3. Make sure the handset is no longer turned on. Once you are sure of that, you will have to help it reach Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up, Home and Power together.
  4. Wait for the device to go into a vibrating mode; the Recovery Mode has been entered and you can now create a NANDroid backup. The latter is to be performed like this: opt for Backup & Restore, after which you should choose Backup.
  5. Then opt for Wipe Data. Choose Wipe Cache Partition next.
  6. Here are the options which must be selected next: Install zip from memory card and then Choose zip from memory card. Choose, from the list you will soon see, a file called PACROM v22.x.x.zip.
  7. Flash it by confirming that you want to do this, then opt for the Install zip from memory card and the Choose zip from memory card again; then choose gapps file to have it flashed on the Galaxy S I9000.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Your homework for after the files are on the I9000 is this: choose Wipe Data, then opt for Wipe Cache Partition one more time.
  9. Choose ++++Go back++++ when you are done.
  10. Now make a point out of opting for the system restarting option and have patience.

NOTE: The new Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean is currently on your handset for good thanks to the Pac ROM; except if you want to go back to the old ROM, because in that case you should boot the phone into the Recovery Mode like we told you before, then opt for Backup & Restore and then choose Restore; when you are done with these, select the backup you wish to see restored.

To be able to use the previous ROM again, your device needs to have received a NANDroid backup before.