Install CarbonROM Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Custom ROM on Galaxy SL I9003

Galaxy SL GT-I9003 was one of Samsung’s smartphones which did not have firmware to update it to the latest Jelly Bean 4.2.2. Until CarbonROM custom firmware was created, that is.


We recommend to take things slowly at first, which should mean that you have to consider the following set of requirements:


  1. You can now proceed to the flashing of the on your handset by downloading it on your comp. Be sure to also download Google Apps (you must select the file labelled
  2. Plug the smartphone to your laptop. Have the two files sent from the notebook to the SD card of your SL I9003.
  3. Once the transfer has been terminated, you have to unplug the phone from the laptop. To enter the handset in Recovery Mode, first switch the handset off and then press and hold, at the same time, these three buttons: Volume Down, Volume Up and Power. You will know the mode has been booted into when the display of the smartphone flashes.
  4. The next things you should perform are as follows: wipe the data on your device by choosing certain options that will help with this part. Here they are: Factory Reset/Wipe Data (tap on “Yes” and go back to the Recovery Menu when you’ve waited for it to happen), Wipe Cache Partition and then Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  5. Don’t just rush through these options, wait till each of them is performed, then continue by doing the following: choose Install zip from SD card. The next option to select is this one: Choose zip from SD card.
  6. To flash the CARBON-20130514-UNOFFICIAL-galaxysl archive, you have to go to it and opt for it with Power; the installation needs to be confirmed, then you will be asked to install the Gapps package by repeating what you had to do to flash the other zip file (go to “choose Install zip from SD card” and continue from there). Do a confirmation for the installation of the Google Apps archive, too, then wait for it to appear on your phone.
  7. The rest of this guide starts with the following recommendation: return to the smartphone’s Recovery Menu.
  8. The Galaxy SL GT-I9003 will need to reboot, so opt for the system restarting option when you arrive in the Recovery Mode as instructed. A short wait will follow next as the handset boots into the necessary custom ROM that will update it to the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

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The new version of the operating system may not be to your liking. There is a way around everything, so our solution to the problem is to simply restore the device to its older ROM. By doing as such: boot the Galaxy SL I9003 into Recovery, opt for Backup&Restore, look for the tool in a list and choose it.

Something different needs to be done if you see this: “Status 7 error”. You will have to locate a related kernel and get it on your smartphone before you flash it with the CarbonROM. Should the handset get stuck in a boot loop or the logo of its manufacturer, the following needs to be operated: Wipe Cache Partition and Wipe Dalvik Cache; when you are finished with those, reboot the phone and the latter will function properly again.