How to Unroot Motorola Flipout

There is nothing nicer than being able to unroot a smartphone after noticing that the rooting you just did wasn’t what you wanted.

After you decide to go through this procedure, you will be able to get your lost warranty back, you are going to experience the phone as it used to behave before the procedure and so on.


So, should you own a Motorola phone called Flipout which you wish to unroot quickly, you will find, by reading this post, all the steps that are required of you. Generally, though, you need to follow some requirements first. We included them in the list you’ll find in this paragraph.

They are the following: (which is the tool that makes the unrooting possible in the first place) and charge the battery of the Motorola Flipout till the icon on its display shows that it’s 100% full. Also, it’s a good idea to have rooted your phone with the aid of a tutorial created especially for this procedure by yours truly (the SuperOneClick method).Motorola-Flipout

Important instructions

  1. The guide which we compiled for our readers at starts with step number one. This one recommends you to move the archive you downloaded earlier and then unzip its contents into a dedicated folder, on the laptop’s desktop. Don’t place them anywhere else other than this particular location.
  2. Now activate the option called USB debugging on your smartphone; if you don’t know how: go to the device’s Menu, click on Settings, tap on Applications, select Development and you’ll see a check-box close to the USB debugging option. The latter needs to be checked if it isn’t already. Once you’ve turned that option on, you should perform the following: grab a hold of the phone’s USB cord and use it to make sure that the Flipout and the laptop you use are fully connected to each other.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For step number three you need to use the mouse and execute the file called SuperOneClick using the double click method. When you finish this kind of action, you have to tap on Unroot; this is a button you’ll find when the tool is starting.
  4. Step four requires you to have some patience till the process ends. Then, once that happens, remember to check if everything went as planned. If it didn’t, repeat the steps above once more till your Motorola Flipout is unrooted.

But, if the unrooting procedure went successfully, then you are entitled to see what this means for your phone. Have fun!

  • Veroo

    If the phone is rooted with another tutorial, this guide will work? Thank you!

    • Catalin Nichita

      Yes, the guide should work! 🙂