How to Root Galaxy Express GT-I8730

Rooting your Galaxy Express GT-I8730 is the best decision you can take. Especially if you’re a fan of new experiences. Should you be one, SRSRoot will make your dreams come true.

This tool was made to work with a wide array of devices. Yours included. Also, it was created to be compatible with many Android versions. Your smartphone’s Android 4.1.2 is included in that list.

The Galaxy Express GT-I8730 arrived on the market last year. Root access is the one thing which was missing from it. When you flash the SRSRoot app on your phone, you’ll notice many great improvements. The handset’s dual-core 1.2 GHz Krait, for example, will deliver superior speed for your daily tasks. The processor isn’t the only element to become better. The performance as a whole will benefit from this anticipated rooting.Galaxy-Express-I8730

The benefits

After the new software is flashed on your Samsung I8730, you’ll own several novelties. Root-only apps and superuser permission are some of them. New features and customization options come next. A third set of goodies includes both admin permission as well as plenty of custom ROMs. The SRSRoot won’t affect your device security-wise. No bloatware will be present to stop you from enjoying your smartphone. Also, you won’t have problems with the phone’s battery dying out on you as quickly as it does now.

As an added bonus: this application is fully capable of unrooting your phone any time you want. Moreover, an SRS Server powers this special tool and many brands are compatible with it. As are various Build IDs. The one we chose to use for today’s rooting was JZO54K.I8730XWAMH1.

The moment you’ll update your smartphone to new Android firmware, you’ll have a device with revoked root access. Also, an upgrade will delete system partition. But if you don’t update the handset, you’ll still have something deleted from it; and that is its warranty. You’ll encounter zero damage where the phone’s important data is concerned; or its internal and external SD cards.


So as to enjoy the rooting all the way through, you’ll be asked to perform these pre-requisites:

  • your phone’s data will need to be saved from harm, so we recommend the creation of some backups;
  • a full NANDroid backup has to be generated as well;
  • your smartphone’s USB Debugging must be activated;
  • move on by turning on the security software on your Galaxy Express GT-I8730;
  • should the handset’s battery unit show low charge levels, it’s best to perform a charging;
  • download USB drivers from this address on the laptop you use;
  • perform a deactivation of your notebook’s security programs now;
  • you will need to have a notebook which sports Windows as its operating system.

Step by step instructions

You are now on your way to a rooted device.

  1. The step which has to be performed first is introduced now. Here’s what it tells you to do: launch this dedicated page. When you do, you’ll spot a download button. Your task is to click on it. This action is required so that you have the SRSRoot app downloaded on your laptop.
  2. This tool must be launched on that device after it’s flashed. Unknown Sources is the option you must tap for this next step. Settings is where you’ll find it; look under this option to see the one you need to activate.
  3. When the right option is turned on, turn on USB Debugging. The latter should have already been activated; if it’s not, we advise you to do it for this step.
  4. Your smartphone and the laptop must enter a connection now. The two devices are going to be plugged to one another if you use this tool: your phone’s USB cord.
  5. Go to your phone’s Root Device (All Methods) option after the plugging is over. Tap this option to commence the handset’s rooting.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Wait until the process ends, then perform one last step. This step needs you to reboot your Samsung GT-I8730.

The device is now going to feature root access after it restarts. But in case there’s no such thing, we recommend repeating the tutorial to have a rooted smartphone.

The procedure you performed today may bring problems along the way. If they should appear, we have a comment section where you can leave questions.