Guide: Install Democracy-NT ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

In order to install a custom ROM on Samsung’s Galaxy Ace GT-S5830, there are two tools you can try out. They’re both efficient and easy to install.

Some requirements first: synchronize the contacts on your phone with your Google account, turn USB Debugging on, install a custom recovery image, fully charge the battery of the handset and make a backup which must include all of your important data that’s featured on the device.

The first tool included in our tutorial is called . Here’s how to install it.

Guide: Flash Democracy-NT LITE CM7.2 ROM

  1. Download the file above plus another one called . Save both of them on your laptop and then plug the Galaxy Ace S5830 to the latter and copy the Democracy-NT Lite ROM and the Superuser to the smartphone’s memory card.
  2. Step two needs you to unplug the devices from each other once the files have been duplicated.
  3. For the third step you have to switch the phone off; then select and keep pressed the keys for Power and Home for about 5 seconds. Now let go of Power if you see the logo of the company on the screen. Keep pressing Home until you see the Recovery Menu come on-screen. This will make the phone go into Recovery Mode.Galaxy-Ace-GT-S5830
  4. Step number four requires you to generate a stock ROM NANDroid backup. Do this by opting for Backup&Restore; after the action is performed, select Factory reset/Wipe data. Confirm this.
  5. Step five asks you to opt for Mounts&Storage, which also needs a confirmation. Afterwards choose Mounts&Storage and opt for Mount/Data; confirm this and select Install zip from SD card.
  6. Step six prompts you to tap on Choose zip from SD card and locate the necessary ROM file, called: Democracy-NT Lite tradition; the latter operation needs to be confirmed. Go back to the phone’s Recovery menu.
  7. When you’re there, the seventh step needs you to choose Reboot complement now and then restart the phone into its Recovery Mode. The next action to be performed: opt for Mounts&Storage.
  8. In step number eight you are instructed to choose Mount/System and afterwards to select Install zip from SD card. Your role now is to tap on Choose zip from SD card and spot the Superuser zip; confirm what you did and then go back to the Recovery Mode.
  9. The following step, the ninth, needs you to do as follows: choose Reboot complement now; after the rebooting of the GT-S5830 is complete, you have to enter the Google account you own. And that’s all.

How to flash Democracy-NT CM7.2 ROM on GT-S5830

Now let’s see how to get Democracy-NT CM7.2 custom ROM on your phone.

  1. The step to begin it all tells you to , then save the archive into your computer. Once you’re done, perform a connection between the laptop and the smartphone via its original USB cord.
  2. Step two: move the archive to the internal memory card of the Ace GT-S5830 and unplug the phone from the laptop. Switch the smartphone off.
  3. Step three: restart it into CWM Recovery; do this type of action like this: press and hold Home and Power, stop pressing Power when the producer’s icon appears on the display, hold Home and have patience till the ClockworkMod Recovery comes. Now make sure you have a NANDroid backup in the following manner: choose Backup&Recovery.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Moving on with the fourth step, you need to choose Wipe Data/Bureau Reset, confirm it, opt for Mounts&Storage and tap on Format/System; do a confirmation of all of this, then choose Mounts&Storage one more time. Select Mount/Data when the menu appear, confirm, choose Install zip from SD card and, lastly, select Choose zip from SD card.
  5. Search the archive called Democracy-NT ROM zip, install it and return to the phone’s Recovery menu. When you’re in that location, opt for Reboot complement now. The operation will end after 5 minutes.
  6. Step 6: you should see Democracy-NT ROM appear on your phone’s display; when you do, enter your Google account.

  • Maritza

    the rom worsk for GT 5830i??

    • Catalin Nichita

      We didn’t tested it but it should work.