How to improve Samsung Galaxy Ace battery life

Samsung has a long line of smartphones. Some of them have great batteries, some don’t. The Galaxy Ace is in the latter category. Luckily there are ways to increase its life. We describe one of them below.

The biggest elements on a gadget to drain a battery are the processor and the touchscreen.

Important instructions

  1. The first step to take so as to assure an improved battery life is this: turn the display’s brightness level on low.
  2. Step 2: if you aren’t working with the smartphone’s GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, switch them off.
  3. Step 3 has to do with the actual method of charging the Galaxy Ace. Use the phone’s original charger first of all. Then let the battery charge fully. Don’t forget to unplug the charger when the device is fully charged.
  4. In step 4 you need to refrain yourself from adding objects in the battery’s compartment.
  5. Step 5: don’t use the phone’s 3G feature very often. The 2G connection does not eat as much battery as the 3G one. So unless you need to be on the Internet every second, don’t keep the 3G on.Samsung-Galaxy-Ace
  6. For step 6 you should use a wallpaper that is dark and plain. And don’t use the live ones. They also have the nasty habit of making your phone move slower than usual. Live wallpapers may be fun, but they sure consume a lot of juices.
  7. Step 7 advises you to clean the pins of the battery daily. These pins are an essential part of any battery and if they are not taken care of properly, the battery will have to suffer. Also, remember to always keep these pins clean. While you clean them, don’t apply too much pressure on them. It is better to employ on them a material that is dry.
  8. Step 8: always use a kernel which saves battery life. ROMs and kernels are also nice to use, but they drain a battery quickly if they are not the quality kind. You will find many good ones on the Internet.
  9. In step 9 we are told to avoid applications from syncing too many times. If they do that, your battery will go haywire faster than usual. If you want to run an app daily, then be careful not to kill the battery; if, however, your needs are not so exuberant, set the sync options to the lowest and rarest possible.
  10. Last step, step 10, instructs the user to buy a battery that is the same as the original one (if the latter is not working anymore). Because if you get a battery manufactured by someone else, your Samsung Galaxy Ace will get damaged.

And that’s a wrap on the ways to improve the battery on Samsung’s Galaxy Ace smartphone.