Install CM10.2 Jelly Bean 4.3 Custom ROM on LG Optimus G Pro E980

AT&T Optimus G Pro is en route towards a new perspective on things. That will happen via Android 4.3 CM10.2 custom ROM that you will get to flash on your phone following today’s guide. There are loads of things that make this tool special.

The Android 4.3 CyanogenMod 10.2 is a custom ROM with which you will taste what customization means, you will see how to experience a better performance, custom ROMs will put on a special show on your LG E980 and new features will be present.


The many advantages that will be yours to enjoy have to wait a bit. Because now we will shift your attention to these requirements:

  • download and flash from here a custom recovery on your Optimus G Pro (such as, for example, TWRP or CWM);
  • charge your handset’s battery;
  • get from here the USB drivers for this model on your laptop or comp;
  • turn on USB Debugging;
  • download, on your notebook or PC, Google Apps package from here and the new ;
  • create backups (don’t forget to include, here, a full NANDroid backup).

If you are done with all our pre-requisites, then you should move on to the steps below. With their help, your phone will get the necessary upgrade in time for you to check it out.LG-Optimus-G-Pro


  1. We will begin the tutorial with the following tasks that must be completed: transfer the two files that are on your notebook’s desktop to the SD card root of your LG Optimus G Pro after the latter has been connected to your laptop. After you make sure the transfer is over, you should unplug the two devices from one another.
  2. Then power your phone off and enter it in Recovery Mode by pressing and holding, at the same time, these buttons: Volume Up and Power; you should enter Bootloader Mode next, so press Volume Down two times and then Power to be shown into the needed mode.
  3. To create the full NANDroid backup we advised you to make, you have to do the following: opt for Backup & Restore, choose Backup and wait.
  4. We now recommend you to perform a couple of wiping tasks. Be sure to opt for these: Factory Reset/Wipe Data and Wipe Cache Partition.
  5. Have patience until these two do their job, then install the update file by first choosing “Install zip from SD card” and opting for “Choose zip from SD card“. After that, make sure you continue the flashing by choosing the CM10.2 file and tapping “Start” to have the procedure begin.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Once this file is part of the Optimus G Pro E980, the Google Apps needs to be installed on the latter. For this file to appear on your smartphone, you need to redo the steps which were necessary for the flashing of the previous update file (remember to opt for the Gapps file this time).
  7. Now that you have both files on your handset, it’s time to choose “Go back” and restart the device by selecting the appropriate option.

What if you find the new CyanogenMod ROM a disappointment? You can, if that’s the case, go back to the old ROM. For that, we ask that you do the following: boot the phone in Recovery Mode, look for “Backup & Restore“, choose it, select “Restore” and then opt for the NANDroid backup file you had to create in the beginning of our guide. Then have fun with the ROM you found more appealing than the new one.