Forward missed calls and SMS from Android devices to Gmail / Google account

There are many smartphone users who want to forward either text messages or missed calls, or both, from their device to their Gmail/Google account. It’s really not a complicated thing to do. We are going to teach you how in today’s article.

You shouldn’t read this with a prejudice. Meaning that you shouldn’t think that forwarding missed calls and/or SMS and to an email account is a pain. It isn’t. And it will not clutter your phone. Also, this thing is very useful, because not everyone is able to, or is given permission, to walk around with their smartphone in a building. SMS2Gmail was created for precisely this category of consumers. It is one of the most useful apps ever created. And it does its job very well.

Important instructions

We downloaded it from the Android Market. After that, we installed it on our smartphone. It was all over in a couple of minutes. To see what it could do, we fed it info from our Gmail / Google account. We did that because the apps needs those credentials in order to provide support for email notifications. Let’s say you lost your device. You are still offered the possibility to activate auto-forwarding. How? Very easy: simply send a text message from your friend’s smartphone. It will reach your own device in a flash. This is also possible if you forgot the phone in another place. We also liked the fact that this application comes with the possibility to assign an Activation Keyword. Which is used in the automatic auto-forwarding of SMS and missed

Another advantage of the SMS2Gmail is that the user can easily turn email notifications by hand. And, if he or she does not want to offer info about their primary Gmail account, he or she can create another account. The next step in that situation is to set the account to auto-forward SMS to the first account.

This application discussed here was the only one to do another stuff besides the usual. In other words, it is capable of sending calls that are missed and text messages to the owner’s email address. Besides seeing the SMS itself, you can also see the name of the one who sent you that text message. But of course, you will need to have the sender’s name in your Contacts list.

There are a lot of apps which promise what the SMS2Gmail does not fail to accomplish.