Improve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery life

Among the smartphones that Samsung is responsible for creating are some models whose batteries are not that amazing. They’re good, nonetheless, but not perfect. The Galaxy Note 2 is such a model with an issue. And we will tell you ways to improve its battery so you can enjoy activities on it longer than usual.

  1. As usual with any high-end smartphone these days, but also in the case of other devices, the CPU and the touchscreen are the two most responsible for an inferior battery life. Always keep in mind that, if you want the battery to last longer, you have to choose a wallpaper that is not colorful. A dark one is the best option to choose, in the end. Also, don’t set the display to the highest brightness level.
  2. Another way to improve battery life is to turn the following off if you aren’t forced to use them daily: GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Then, when you notice that there’s under 10% of battery left, charge it till there’s 100%. Speaking of which, the charger you use must not be a USB cable. It must be the one made by Samsung themselves. If it’s not, you risk damaging the smartphone for ever. You should also keep in mind to charge the device in the wall socket only.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-2
  3. Another way to assure the battery of your Galaxy Note 2 a longer battery is to clean its pins with something that is soft. Preferably a cloth. This is to make sure that the pins won’t get covered in dust. Moreover, you need to buy a battery made by Samsung if the original one is damaged or covered in too much dust.
  4. If you feel like you’ve done all of the above and the phone is still low on battery, then have a look at the applications running on it. Because there might be one or more which eat a lot of the energy. Should the Galaxy Note 2 not get into the mode called Deep Sleep, then an app is the main culprit. Direct yourself to the phone’s Settings and try and see what application is the one causing the battery to drain faster.
  5. The last way to increase your smartphone’s battery life is this: do not use 4G and 3G if you don’t have to absolutely use them. Using the 2G instead is way better. If you are someone who needs the World Wide Web every minute of every day, then use the 4G and 3G, but if you’re not such a user, choose the 2G network.

And this is all you need to know on how to make the battery of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 run for a much more superior amount of time.