Install ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC Desire HD

Desire HD is a name that immediately makes you think of famous manufacturer HTC and their popular handsets adored by many.

This model is another one (on HTC’s and other companies long list of smartphones) which can quickly and easily be flashed with a tool everyone knows as CWM Recovery.

Every kind of procedure done on a smartphone or a tablet, e.g. rooting, unrooting and others, needs certain preparations beforehand.


These are usually made of requirements that ensure that the expected results from the processes we mentioned a short while back are achieved in a smooth way.

A couple of such pre-requisites mean, in the case of the Desire HD, the installation of a , the employment of a laptop that must run Windows and a full charging of the phone’s battery unit. Also, your phone must have been rooted beforehand via a tutorial we ourselves prepared in one of our previous posts not too long ago.


Important instructions

  1. So as to install the recovery tool on your HTC Desire HD the fastest and easiest way possible, step number one needs the owner of the phone to download the required files in a dedicated folder. Then you need to unzip the files it contains to the same location as in the previous line.
  2. For step number two you will have to perform a connection between the phone and the PC; employ the smartphone’s USB cable for that, then initiate the execution of the Start Here.bat file via the double click method. This action is going to initiate the command line afterwards.
  3. The third step is even easier to perform than the previous two: enter the “adb reboot bootloader” command vial the command line, then wait and see as the phone restarts and then enters in Fastboot mode in a matter of seconds.
  4. Step number four asks you to introduce this command “fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-” via the command line. Then, once the installation of the recovery is successful, operate the following task: issue fastboot restart.
  5. The next and final phase is to just wait for the device to reboot. When it does that, it means that the installation of the ClockworkMod Recovery has been successful. And you are now officially done with the steps listed above.

Now watch as your phone comes to life in a completely new light for you to enjoy. And this translates into various pros that you will discover for yourselves shortly afterward you follow our guide.

One of them is this: the possibility to install root-only apps after you find them. For the rest of them, go to your Desire HD and see what novel things it can deliver from now on.