How to unroot HTC Aria

Amaze 4G is not the only smartphone created by HTC that can be rooted, unrooted, flashed and so on. Another model belonging to the Taiwanese company is the one called Aria. This model can easily be rooted and also unrooted with the help of something known as an executable Stock ROM file.

This is a file which will work wonders on the handset once it is used in the appropriate way. So today we are going to inform you on how to unroot your HTC Aria without damaging your handset along the way. The steps we compiled take only some minutes to perform (time will pass faster if you are used to such a procedure) and under half an hour if you are a newbie with such procedures.


First of all, your device must have been rooted the way we wrote in an earlier post here on Then you need to . Once these two tasks are taken care of, you are good to go.HTC-Aria

We promised in the beginning of our guide that we will show you how to unroot your HTC Aria smartphone. The time has come to do exactly that. Take a look at everything we wrote in the first paragraphs and, if you feel you are ready for the plunge, follow all the instructions we prepared below.

Important instructions

  1. Which start with the proverbial step number one. According to it, you have to download the Stock ROM file into a dedicated folder on the notebook you own. What you need to do afterwards is simple: shut down the phone via the Power button and then restart the device and enter it into Fastboot mode using the Trackpad+Power keys that you must keep pressed at the same time. This should be done while the phone is closed.
  2. For the second step you have to make a connection between the laptop and your phone using the USB cord that ships with the Aria. Next, wait till the latter’s touchscreen has the following message displayed on it: FASTBOOT USB.
  3. When you spot that on the screen, step number three is going to come upon you next. And it requires you to execute the Stock ROM file using the double click method, then follow what a couple of on-screen instructions tell you to soon after that.
  4. In step number four the smartphone is going to go into the necessary unrooting phase and you should just sit back and enjoy the rest of the process.

And with that, your HTC Aria will get its lost warranty back at long last. And function the same way as before you took the decision to root it.