Upgrade HTC Desire HD to Android 4.2.2 CM10.1 Unofficial Jelly Bean ROM

Our proposal for today is this: if you have an HTC Desire HD which you wish to see updated to the newest Android version, then don’t go anywhere.

Our tutorial represents our attempt at teaching you how to update this phone to the said operating system with the help of an unofficial Jelly Bean custom ROM called CM10.1. After some preparations beforehand, the coast will be clear to experience a new smartphone. See below for more info on this matter.


And by “more info” we mean several requirements provided in preparation for this guide. Starting with the following: install CWM Recovery on the handset after you’ve rooted it, see if it’s the factory unlocked version, install USB Drivers that were made especially for it on your computer, charge its battery, turn on USB Debugging and create as many backups as you see fit.

Before we start spilling out the steps needed for this updating tutorial, there are a couple of files which have to be downloaded on your laptop: Google Apps from here and . That was it for pre-requisites.HTC-Desire-HD


  1. For the first step in this guide you shall need to plug the Desire HD to your computer and then move the two files from their location to the root located into the memory card of the smartphone. When these actions are executed successfully, the handset will need to be powered off so that you can enter it in Bootloader Mode.
  2. When you see a bunch of instructions on the screen of the phone, you will have to jump to the second step; which tells you this: as soon as you’re done doing what those instructions request, simply opt for BOOTLOADER.
  3. Go to RECOVERY for the third step; now perform a phone’s data wipe.
  4. The fourth step will come and ask you the following: select Flash zip from SD card and then Choose zip from SD card with Power (but not at the same time).
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Next on the list: choose the Android 4.2.2 ROM zip file with Power to initiate the upgrading process. Confirm this in step number five and repeat this to also flash the GApps zip file on your HTC Desire HD.
  6. For step six all you need to do is this: when in +++++Go Back, you need to opt for the system restarting; the Desire HD will then reboot and the CM10.1 unofficial Jelly Bean will be installed on your handset at long last. Go and see it for yourself in your device’s “About phone” section.