Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360L to UHLJ1 Android 2.3.6 Official Firmware

Have you ever been clueless about how to update your Galaxy Y GT-S5360L with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread? Today we’re providing you with a guide whose sole purpose is to help you do that.

The process will need you to prepare some pre-requisites, such as zip and Odin 3.07.zip file on the computer you use day-to-day, turning USB Debugging on, fully charging the battery of your phone, installing USB drivers on your laptop and making a backup.

Important instructions

  1. Extract the contents of the two files we told you to download, then see if you have a .tar file and Odin3 tool among a couple more files. If yes, turn the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360L off and make sure to send the device into Download Mode.
  2. Execute the Odin tool and run it as an Administrator like this: spot the context menu, go there and choose the .exe file with your mouse. Plug the phone to your laptop and wait for “ADDED” along with a yellow-colored COM port to appear.Galaxy-Y-GT-S5360L
  3. For step 3 you will have to opt for some files in Odin. Here you go:
    – .tar with “code” in the description (tap on PDA to see it);
    – a file which contains “modem” (by clicking on Phone);
    – a file with “csc” in its name (use the button labelled CSC);
    – .pit (tap on PIT to arrive to this file).
    After you’ve chosen the above files, you will need to go to Odin and select F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot checkboxes.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 4: click Start; the flashing will commence shortly and, after it ends, “PASS” is going to appear in front of your eyes. The handset will reboot, which is when you need to remove the Galaxy Y from your laptop.
  5. It’s recommended to find Settings and then tap on About phone after the update is done; that way you’ll see whether the UHLJ1 Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware was installed or not.

If you have problems

Here is what you are expected to do should the smartphone freeze while it undergoes the booting process.

  1. Step one will need you to go to recovery mode by using the keys labelled Home, Volume Up and Power. You must select and press them for about 5 seconds, at the same time.
  2. Step number two will request the following from you: select Factory Reset/Wipe data, then opt for the GT-S5360 restarting.
  3. In order to make sure you don’t get lost along the way, we recommend you to tap on Volume and then on Power while in the Recovery Mode; that way you will be able to navigate between options and choose whatever option you’ll need.