5 ways to find your lost Android device

Many of us have had trouble locating our smartphone, tablets and other gadgets with an Android OS on them. And then, after hours of frustration and hair pulling, we gave up and used another device to call ourselves.

But what if we set the gadget to vibration mode, so we don’t hear it? Tough luck, then. Well, don’t despair just yet, because thankfully we found some applications which proved to be very helpful in those exact same situations. And we will tell you all about them soon.


This will probably come as a surprise to people who are not familiar with a smartphone or a tablet that runs an Android operating system. These gadgets come with antivirus packages that can be downloaded from the Android Market. We discovered a couple of them – Lookout Security & Antivirus and AVG AntiVirus by their full names – that surprised us with their lost-phone tracking feature.

While the former comes with Web tracking along with the possibility to lock a phone or a tablet down remotely allowing the user to locate it via Google Maps, the latter has the exact same advantages.unhappy-android

We also found something called Where’s My Droid. This method helps the person who lost their Android product with the help of several options. It prevents damage and modifications in your device made by bad people. If you have a GPS model you can use it to find the device. And, finally, sending an SMS makes the ringer go into working phase, which means it starts looking for your gadget in a matter of seconds.

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Another way to find your device is this one: go to your gadget and set up Contact Owner. This way, if you lost it, the person who finds it will see a message. Which contains info on how to locate you. Which is a very nifty tracking method. Unless the person who found your gadget is an actual thief who does not want to give your toy back.

Plan B

People over at Lookout provided us with another tracking tool. They told us about an app called Plan B. Fitting name, eh? This one can be used after the user installs it remotely over the Internet. It’s very easy to do and seems to have offered good results. But, as its name indicates, this app should only be employed if you see that other methods did not manage to offer what you wanted in the first place.

The last way to locate your lost Android device is with the help of the service provider you use. From what we know, Verizon offers some applications which are pretty good. T-Mobile is another service providers who promises this. There are probably others, but these two are the most popular.