Guide: Transfer your Contacts from the iPhone to Android

If you wish to move the contacts that are on your iPhone to an Android device, we made an article just for that. It’s a very easy to do operation. Just pay a lot of attention and don’t miss any of the steps below.


  1. Go to Gmail and create an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Step 2: open your laptop and connect your iPhone to it.
  3. Step 3: launch iTunes. You will then see a dedicated menu if you will look at the phone’s screen. From there, find a tab called Info and locate the contact synchronization option. You must choose the Google Contacts from the Sync Contacts With menu.
  4. After that a window will appear; insert your access info to enter in your Gmail account. The process is automatically and the contacts will be transferred automatically between the iPhone and the Gmail account.
  5. iphone-transfer-androidOnce this is over, get in the Google account before the synchronization is finished with the Android smartphone of your choice. This should be done so that you can change the aforementioned contacts.The list imported in your Google account will feature duplicates. You can delete them manually if you want to. But instead of doing it manually, help yourself with a tool called Merge contacts. How? In the Gmail contacts page go to the More button and select it. You will see a dedicated menu near this button. Locate Find and merge duplicates and you’re set.
  6. Now comes the phase where you can transfer contacts from your iPhone to your Android phone. If your phone was already open before we told you what to do, no worries. Simply go to the Settings menu and opt for Accounts & Sync.
  7. Next step: look at all the accounts and check if all of them are synchronized with the handset you own.
  8. For step number 8 look at for a button called Add Account, positioned at the bottom of the page.
  9. The ninth step instructs you, once you locate the latter button, to access your Google account and to choose the services you want to synchronize with your Android handset. Your smartphone will automatically send a message to the phone via the Gmail account; it is also going to perform the synchronization of all your Google account.
  10. Should your phone be switched off, first things first: boot it up before doing anything else. After you do that, the device is going to ask you if you want to perform the Gmail/phone sync process.
  11. The next step is to introduce your access data and watch as the phone you use imports the contacts from iPhone via the Gmail account.

Once all of the above is performed, you can browse through your contacts on any Android phone you use.