How to Root Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889

To enjoy Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 more than you do, a rooting’s in order. With SRSRoot as an important part of this gadget, a lot of goodies will be yours to discover and enjoy. This guide is what you need to experience them!

Your tablet can be rooted without your getting into trouble. We are providing the steps that make sure the procedure goes well. To get to them, you’ll first go through certain info about the rooting tool we’re using and then how to get the device ready.

The name of the method you’ll root your smartphone with is SRSRoot. If you know nothing about it, we’ll enlighten you now. The SRSRoot is freeware which comes powered by an SRS Server. Its rooting capabilities are joined by unrooting ones; so, if you ever feel like revoking the root access, go for this app. The latter is fully compatible with different gadgets and their Android versions. The OS in use on your handset is the following: Android 4.1.1.Galaxy-Note-2-SGH-T889

The advantages of this procedure

The phone you’re rooting soon is almost 2 years old. The CPU it possesses is this: quad-core 1600 MHz ARM Cortex-A9. Its speed will be improved up by the rooting app. Which, by the way, works with many Build IDs. The one we settled upon was JRO03C.T889UVALL4.

Your smartphone’s battery won’t move that slowly anymore. Apart from battery tweaks, the rooting will supply you with superuser and admin permission. A group of essential customization options will appear, too. And this will be followed by new features and custom ROMs. Root-only apps are added to the goodies list as well.

Whenever a rooted gadget has to deal with an update firmware, the latter will wreak some havoc. It will start by deleting system partition and end by revoking the root access. Important stuff about your T-Mobile phone, such as its data, will stay away from harm’s way. The internal and external SD cards will do the same. Your Samsung SGH-T889 has every chance of ending up with a revoked warranty. That always happens when a device is rooted. You will be required to look for a guide on how to restore the warranty.


The next couple of pre-requisites are an integral part of a rooting. This is why you need to perform them before anything else happens. As such, here is what you need to do:

  • perform a regular set of backups to save the handset’s content from various damage;
  • a full NANDroid backup will have to be generated now;
  • USB drivers that are appropriate for your phone are located over here;
  • open that page, download them on the laptop, then install them on that device;
  • check the battery on your Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889;
  • charge it if it’s running really low;
  • then disable the phone’s security solutions;
  • disable the laptop’s security solutions after that;
  • activate, on the smartphone, its USB Debugging;
  • the laptop’s only OS variant must be Windows.

Step by step instructions

The steps which bring root access onto your device are delivered right now.

  1. Begin by downloading the SRSRoot app from this link on your laptop. The address we told you to access contains a download button. Click on it, then let the download start.
  2. When the latter’s over, you should activate an option which is called, on your phone, Unknown Sources. But where is this option? The answer’s this: under the option called Settings.
  3. After finding and enabling the option we told you to turn on, you should go and enable USB Debugging, too. This step is recommended for those who haven’t already turned that option on.
  4. If you have done so, then plug the Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 to the laptop. The connection is one USB cable away. After using this to create the connection, continue with this step: begin the phone’s rooting.
  5. The option that, once tapped, helps you here, is the following: Root Device (All Methods). Now that you’ve done this, you can sit back and let the rooting end.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This will take approximately 15 minutes. Should the procedure not end after time’s up, you can start the steps all over again until the phone’s finally rooted.
  7. To properly end the guide, you need to see to it that the phone’s rebooted. This means that Reboot System Now should be tapped. After it is, wait for your handset to come back to life again.

Once it restarts, the Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 can finally reveal its new stuff. Have a great time with them!

If you don’t want the goodies anymore, you have the SRSRoot to revoke the root access with. You also have a comment box below this tutorial. Use it in case problems appear at one point or another in the rooting.