How to Install Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Vanilla RootBox v4.2 custom ROM on Galaxy S2 I9100

Only an update will reveal the true colors of your Galaxy S2 I9100 (the International version). The guide on this page contains the way to update this phone to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Vanilla RootBox v4.2 custom ROM.

The new firmware brings features such as:

  • new Google Now;
  • a new Camera application;
  • multi-user support;
  • miracast display and a host of other goodies.


In order to experience a totally smooth update, you must look at these pre-requisites:


  1. There is a number of two files that must be present on your laptop: Gapps archive (from this location) and the (file name: Once they are downloaded and saved there, you have to do as follows: plug the handset to your PC.
  2. The data that is part of each of these two packages doesn’t have to be unzipped; all you should do is copy + paste them from the laptop to the SD card root of your Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 and have patience till they’ve been moved to this new place. Then unplug your smartphone from your personal computer.
  3. For the next step, you have to switch the handset off and enter the same in Recovery Mode by performing the guidelines underneath:
    – press and hold Home, Volume Up and Power simultaneously;
    – the display of the Samsung I9100 will flash;
    – let go of all of these keys.
  4. It’s indicated to follow the above with the creation of a full NANDroid backup. This should be operated as shown below:
    – opt for “Backup&restore“;
    – tap “Backup”.
  5. You need to go back to the Recovery Menu after the backup has been performed, then do these:
    – aim for “Factory reset/Wipe data“;
    – confirm with “Yes“;
    – go back to the phone’s Recovery Menu;
    – opt for “Wipe cache partition“;
    – select “Wipe Dalvik cache“;
    – select “Install zip from SD card“;
    – opt for “Choose zip from SD card“.
  6. The RootBox v4.2 ROM zip file needs to be installed on the Galaxy S2 I9100. Do so by opting for it via “Power” after you go where it’s been saved; confirm its flashing, then opt for the Google Apps zip file to see it installed on the same handset.
  7. Go back to the device’s Recovery Menu; there, you have to complete this step:
    – choose the device rebooting option;
    – wait for the I9100 to restart.

The phone doesn’t need any other stuff done to it from now on, because the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Vanilla RootBox custom ROM is on it. To be more precise about its location: the handset’s “About phone“.

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NOTE: The handset may experience the default old ROM if you abide by these rules:

  • boot it into Recovery;
  • select “Backup&Restore“;
  • opt for that ROM from a list that shall pop up on the screen.

To get out of a “Status 7 error” message, you should search for a kernel that is compatible with your phone, then install it; now flash the update ROM on the device. To get the handset unstuck from boot loop, you need to:

  • select “Wipe cache partition“;
  • opt for “Wipe Dalvik cache” to wipe your phone. Then reboot it and you are done with the guide.