How to Flash Jelly Bean 4.3.1 AOKP Custom ROM on Sony Xperia T

Recently we worked on a tutorial that would explain how to update Xperia T to Android 4.3.1 via AOKP custom ROM. After a couple of tests done with this firmware, we concluded that it was very beneficial to how the smartphone acted after the update.

If you are after new features, new ways to modify the appearance and overall feel of your device, if you wish to install custom ROMs, experience a longer lasting handset and much more, make sure you follow today’s guide.

Even with so many great attributes, the addition of the new custom firmware will also mean that the following will happen: the phone’s warranty is going to fly out the window. The method that shall bring it back: upgrade your phone via official Jelly Bean firmware or try a downgrade to stock Android.


Once the disadvantage of this procedure has been taken into account but you still wish to update your phone, you will need to consider these pre-requisites first and foremost:

  • follow a tutorial that will let you know how to root your Xperia T;
  • get a custom recovery on the smartphone from here after you’re done with its rooting;
  • charge the battery of the phone until you see that the unit is full;
  • turn on USB Debugging by opening Settings, choosing Menu, opting for Developer Options, finding the USB Debugging one and activating it;
  • create multiple backups to salvage the data on your device;
  • make sure you turn off the security programs installed on both your laptop and your handset;
  • download, on the laptop, the and Google Apps package from here.Sony-Xperia-T

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  1. Without extracting these two files, make sure they are saved on the notebook’s desktop before you can do the following: transfer both of these files to the SD card root of your Sony Xperia T after you’ve plugged the phone to the laptop and then disconnect the devices from one another since the transfer is over.
  2. Then move on by switching the handset off and having it reboot in Recovery Mode. Proceed to the following tasks: stay in Recovery and, from there, opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data.
  3. From the same place, be sure to choose Wipe Cache Partition, go back, opt for Advance, opt for Wipe Dalvik Cache and then go back, again, to the Recovery. Now choose these options: Install zip from SD card followed by Choose zip from SD card.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The next task is this: find the custom ROM archive file, choose it, install it on your phone and wait for the flashing to be done.
  5. Then don’t forget to also install the Google Apps. Do so by redoing the steps which flashed the other file. Go to the Recovery once more.
  6. Make sure you reboot your device. After that, the phone will restart into the Android 4.3.1 AOKP custom ROM. Once the update file is on the Xperia T, you will get to enjoy all of the aforementioned goodies. Also, there will be no bugs to annoy you from enjoying the new ROM. Apps, features and so on will be yours to discover and have fun with!