How to Root Galaxy S4 Mini LTE SGH-I257

Galaxy S4 Mini LTE SGH-I257 has plenty to receive from SRSRoot tool. This method is very efficient when it comes to rooting a device. Apart from being very easy to use, it also delivers many advantages. To have it land on your phone, you need to take a look below!

To root a gadget, you need a powerful tool that is easy to install and then use. Such a tool is SRSRoot. The Galaxy S4 Mini I257 was unveiled last year. Its specs, most importantly its CPU, will receive improvements from the rooting. All the other performance boosters coming from this dedicated tool will transform your phone into a better one.

This device will be easy to customize and you’ll have new features at your disposal. The rooting of your handset also brings new apps (especially root-only apps) and battery improvement. Custom ROMs will be at your disposal if you ever need them.

The advantages of rooting

Here’s what Build ID we used for the rooting: JDQ39.I257UCUANA8. Even if this is the Build ID we’ve selected, you can always use a different one for the procedure. That’s one of the great things about the rooting software we chose for your phone.

Another pro of using it: it doesn’t matter what Android OS your device is using. This is a tool which is compatible with all sorts of versions and brands. You can, with this application, also unroot the phone you’re using. Admin and superuser permission will be granted after the rooting’s done. Also, the new tool comes powered by SRS Server.Galaxy-S4-Mini-LTE-SGH-I257

Once there’s root access on your Samsung SGH-I257, you’ll be able to use the goodies we indicated above. But with advantages come disadvantages. They include the loss of root access and system partition if you plan on getting an update. Unfortunately, the rooting of your smartphone also deletes the device’s warranty. You should use only this phone model for today’s procedure. If you don’t, you will end up with a bricked device.


The rooting of your handset needs requirements first. They must be performed before installing the SRSRoot on your computer. Perform them as instructed below:

  • the data on your smartphone must be saved, so perform a couple of standard backups;
  • use these instructions to perform a full NANDroid backup for your phone;
  • activate USB Debugging on your Galaxy S4 Mini SGH-I257;
  • install, from this page, USB drivers on your notebook;
  • go to the smartphone and turn off the security programs there;
  • your laptop’s security software have to be turned off as well;
  • charge your phone’s battery till it’s full;
  • make use of a laptop with Windows on-board.

Step by step instructions

In case you’re determined to root your phone, be sure you perform our steps. They’ll successfully flash the tool we keep talking about.

  1. So begin the tutorial with the following step: download the SRSRoot software on the laptop. To do that, it’s best you go over here. has the right tool for you; download it only from there by tapping the download button. If you get this software from another site, you’ll damage your phone.
  2. If the installation kit is on your laptop by now, make sure you install it there and launch it next. Tap the following option now: Unknown Sources.
  3. If you’re unaware of its whereabouts, we’ll tell you how to get there: tap Menu on the handset, then tap Settings and you’ll see the necessary options that requires your tapping.
  4. You will then be required to do the following: enable, if you haven’t, USB Debugging on the phone. But if the option’s already turned on, you should help the notebook and your smartphone enter a connection.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the establishing of this connection, the USB cable of your handset should be used. After they’re plugged to one another, the Root Device (All Methods) option must be tapped.
  6. This is the way to start the rooting of your device. After clicking this, wait until the process ends. As soon as the Galaxy S4 Mini LTE SGH-I257 completes the process, don’t forget to restart it.

The smartphone can now get all of its anticipated goodies. They will improve your device as mentioned. But if they don’t, you can always go and use the same application to unroot it.

Be sure to leave questions in the comment section below if you want to!

  • walfo

    Does it matter that this model isn’t listed on the SRSRoot site’s supported list? Does this work?

    • Brad Hoschar

      Nope. doesn’t work at all. Knox is a bitch

  • david hernandez

    it really works on a sgh-i257 from at&t???